Why DC Residents are Moving to Cohousing Communities

Yesterday, a piece about senior cohousing in the DC area appeared online in Washingtonian Magazine’s March 2015 issue. The article features Ann Zabaldo, a cohousing developer and Takoma Village resident. Eastern Village Cohousing is also given mention, as is Chuck Durrett of McCamant & Durrett Architects/The Cohousing Company, who predicts that “as baby boomers and empty-nesters demand more innovative retirement options,” cohousing will see even wider adoption.

No article comments yet…it’d be great to have some cohousers weight in from their experience, especially in relation to the article’s points about community policies and aging successfully in cohousing!

There will be a number of great opportunities to continue this conversation at the National Cohousing Conference, including at the How to Get a Senior Cohousing Community Started intensive. Additionally, Ann will be leading an in-depth case study of her home community as a session offering.

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