Choice for the world.

For some time, the trend has been toward individual family housing. Cohousing is one of several movements saying, “It doesn’t have to be that way.” Today people have choices about the type of home they want to live in and those choices can have dramatic impacts on their lives. Choosing cohousing means more interaction with others, more social time and less strain on the planet.  

Choice for our cohousing community.

We choose as a community what type of community we want to be. At the very beginning we choose what kind of buildings to have and how to arrange them. We choose how often to eat together and how to share the work and costs of common meals. Every day as we live in our clustered private homes, we decide together how often we will work and play together. Because we share resources, we can decide together if we want to support an organization by hosting an event or increase our food production by adding a garden.

Choice for me.

Cohousing lets me choose from moment to moment whether I want to be in a private space or a social space. With neighbors close at hand interaction is right outside my door. At the same time I have plenty of private space to call my own. I can enjoy the retreat of my quiet home whenever that feels right to me.