Community for the world.

Cohousing provides a model for an interconnected and relational world. In a world that has shifted too far toward individualism and craves an illusive sense of oneness, cohousing shows that collaboration and belonging can be part of everyday life. We are tribal beings who have strayed too far from tribal life. Cohousing offers a proximal tribe where we can relearn a culture of interdependence, preserve the best of individualism, and carry that wholeness into the broader culture.

Community for our cohousing community.

Within a cohousing community we cross paths often, weaving a web of relationship that become our home. Simply stepping outside the front door brings us together, begins conversations, and welcomes engagement. These incidental interactions are expanded in regular gatherings for meals, work days, and social activities. The presence of friendly neighbors becomes so routine we forget that most suburban neighborhoods rarely experience this type of relationship. We thrive in a sense of belonging. We feel secure in the safety of numbers.

Community for me.

I have people to do things with, to help me when I need it, to receive my help when I’m able to give. I laugh more. I spend more time chatting with people I know and less time feeling isolated or filling time with media. When I choose to be by myself, I still enjoy the comfort of knowing people who care about me are nearby and available should I need them. My heart is warmed by the memory of yesterday’s shared meal and last week’s deep conversation. I am nurtured by the energy of community both in my private home and in our shared community spaces.