Democracy for the world.

Americans have forgotten how to do democracy well.  Cohousing provides an opportunity for relearning the essential tools of democracy which allow different perspectives to come together and build a unified organization or government. As our numbers grow, cohousers are bringing more and more best practices into the broader world providing new paths to robust democracy. “I largely attribute my intellectual curiosity and prioritization of the collective good to my upbringing in cohousing.” – Jessie McCamant Durrett

Democracy for our cohousing community.

Within our community we experience the true definition of democracy: a system of government by the whole population. We are exposed to the richness of diverse viewpoints. Our understanding of issues extends to the full complexity of human relationships. We experience the belonging and safety of being fully heard and valued even when we don’t get our way. It turns out that how we are treated in the process matters more than the outcome. We learn to put more confidence in each other than in policies or rules.  

Democracy for me.

In cohousing I am a full participant in governance. I share my ideas, speak my truth, and name my needs and fears. I listen to others and support and value their ideas and needs as well. Knowing that my feelings will be heard and taken into account makes it possible to accept the choice that is best for the group even when it is not the best choice for me.  This kind of compromise is essential to democracy and I get to experience it in real life in cohousing.