Giving for the world.

Cohousing attracts giving kinds of people. Communities include people who are involved in charitable and political work of all kinds. It turns out the giving is contagious and the impact of each person is amplified as neighbors learn from neighbors and close living facilitates collaboration. 

Giving for our cohousing community.

We give a lot to our communities. Sometimes we don’t even notice that we are giving. We gather for a work day and spend joyful hours making our common property more beautiful. If there are sore muscles in the end, they mostly remind us of camaraderie and shared accomplishment. We take on projects that make our community richer even as each individual is doing work they are passionate about.  Gratitude abounds.

Giving for me.

It’s so much easier to give to others in cohousing community. I have many opportunities to provide nurture and caring. If a neighbor needs to borrow a tent for a camping trip, I don’t have to drive it to their house, I can just drop it off on my way to dinner.  Feeding a pet while someone is on vacation is fast and simple when they are right next door instead of across town. I can take a plate to someone who needs one without even wrapping it up, and I probably already know what they like to eat. I love giving to my neighbors. Most of the time it costs me far less than what someone else receives.