Greener living for the world.

Cohousing uses fewer of the world’s resources leaving more for the other 7 billion people on the planet. More homes occupy less land than suburban neighborhoods without feeling crowded. Cohousing communities design their structures and the habits to use less energy and invest collectively in green technologies. This reduces consumption of valuable resources as well as pollution and global warming making the world a better place for everyone.

Greener living for our cohousing community.  

From the beginning we work together and pool our resources to build the greenest community we can. Once we move in, we share ideas and encourage each other to adopt more and more planet-friendly habits. We share the work of composting and recycling to make it easier for everyone. We share rides to reduce our transportation impact. We surround each other with sustainable ways of being and forget there is any other option.

Greener living for me.  

It’s so easy to live green when I am collaborating with others. I learn new ideas over dinner and have all the support I need to implement them by following my neighbors’examples. I do my part with a project that is important to me and am so grateful that someone else manages the compost pile, figures out where to take the batteries and styrofoam, and researches the new solar panels. Trying to be green all by myself was overwhelming. In cohousing I am empowered to live the way I believe I should and feel great about my reduced impact on the planet.