Growth for the world.

Cohousing brings the world together, one community at a time. Cohousing gives people opportunities to mature and grow in compassion and gratitude. Cohousers learn to hold their individual worlds more lightly and see things from a broader perspective. They learn to transform conflicts into learning. As they engage with others outside of cohousing, they bring that breadth and facilitate connections and engagement everywhere they go.

Growth for our cohousing community.

When we choose to live together, we run into the things that help us become the people we are supposed to be.  We get better at the things that are lacking in our broader culture. Our community is a sandbox where we explore ideas, structures and ways of being, shifting and improving our collective consciousness. Over time our community discovers the areas that aren’t working and grows in our ability to be connected and collaborative.  

Growth for me.

I love living in community, but it isn’t always easy. Sharing with others and making decisions collaboratively has taught me how important it is to really listen to people and look at things from their perspective. I’ve realized how rare these skills are in the broader American culture.   The most challenging things about cohousing are precisely the experiences that bring personal transformation and add depth to all my relationships. . Cohousing carried us on a learning curve that helps us become who we want to be.