Health for the world.

Cohousing recreates the sense of community that people crave and need to survive. Now more than ever the world’s population depends upon our understanding that we are all one connected whole and that our actions have impact across the planet. Cohousers spread that understanding within communities and out into the broader culture.  

Health for our cohousing community.

Healthy communities don’t just happen. Communities of any kind thrive most when their members are intentional about caring for the relationships within them.  Living together as we do brings relationship to the forefront of everyday life and ensures that we will be aware of each others needs. Social opportunities abound, making life more enriching for everyone and the community as a whole.

Health for me.

Studies have long shown that socialization improves mental and physical health. I live that experience very day. Living in community gives me more energy, more sense of wellness, more joy. The essential parts of life that are common to everyone become easier. I feel my support system all around me. I find I have new energy in my family relationships as well.  Cohousing is a robust and satisfying way of life.