Impact for the world.

In cohousing the power of many creates possibility. Projects and passions that are nurtured within cohousing radiate change into the the broader community. When people leave cohousing, they seed other kinds of communities leading to innovations and paradigm shifts. The impacts continue to spread and sometimes return to the communities where they began with broader perspectives and new ideas.

Impact for our cohousing community.

We live in community as a way to be the change that we want to see in the world. We leave behind the isolation that is rampant in mainstream American culture and return to what we know has worked before. Together we build  trust in one another. Bit by bit, we are repairing fabric that has frayed in our culture and reweaving the sense of community around our lives. In our cohousing community, we find an answer to what we were missing and yearning for.

Impact for me.

In cohousing I am offered a new normal. I begin to expect a world of collaboration and kindness. When I don’t see that I understand that I have the power to impact those around me to reduce competition and division. Bit by bit I become my best self and invite others to join me in that journey.