The Community Partnership Program: Win-Win for Communities and Coho/US!

Anyone who has participated in a Coho/US conference knows how much they learned
individually – and the wealth of information and experience they brought back to their home
community. When a community joins the Community Partnership Program, every member gets
unlimited access to all of the online conferences. That means that everyone, from your meals
planning circle to your facilitation committee, can hone the skills they need to keep your
community thriving. A great benefit to your community, while also supporting the very
organization that helps cohousing communities get built and thrive once they move in.

Of course, online conferences aren’t the only benefit of being a Community Partner. You also
get free listings when any homes come up for sale, and (when we can
gather physically again!) discounts on in-person conferences. In sum, it’s an opportunity for a
greater connection to the community of communities, where we all can help each other be
more successful. Not to mention the satisfaction of supporting the greater cause of cohousing
while helping your own neighborhood thrive.

So, what are you waiting for? Find out more through this webpage. I hope you
will join.

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