With conflict in the air, cohousing communities are poised to be shelters in the storm

[Diana Sullivan was inspired by this [click here!] one-minute video featuring our keynote speaker at the 2017 National Cohousing Conference, Sarah van Gelder of YES! Magazine.]

“We’re going to need to turn to one another and not on one another”

As I listen to this video promoting the national conference’s keynote speaker in Nashville this May, Sarah van Gelder, I find myself pondering her words and my perspective in this world today.

Many of my friends and cohousing neighbors joined the 10,000+ member women’s march in Nashville.
I didn’t. Not because I didn’t support the ideals or am not an activist. I am quite passionate about issues along with my community, Germantown Commons. I love the idea of unity and as I saw the marches and spoke to my friends I could feel that great energy of unity flowing and it was exciting.

I just didn’t join because of a different focus for time and energy.

I’m seeing signs of the beginning of the end. And I am excited about the end. The end of complacency, the end of karma, the end of a cycle of oppression on a much grander scale then we may not yet realize.

About 20 years ago Alan Greenspan, then, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, spoke about the U.S. monetary system. In his own quiet spoken words he stated, ”We are at the end of a three hundred year banking cycle.”

His words went unnoticed but had they been heard by Americans, little would have been understood anyway. I questioned the comment. It made no sense for the U.S banking system to be at the end of a three hundred year banking cycle when the US was not even three hundred years old.

With curiosity, I launched into years of research to understand the one short phrase. It seems that the present monetary cycle began in Europe. Europeans left the continent for several reasons. One was to escape the unsustainable and unequal system so corrupt there. Our forefathers fought the idea of bringing it to this continent but late one evening in the early 1900’s and around the Christmas holidays a small number of US representatives passed a law giving the US monetary policy over to the European and international bankers. Having left the European continent’s system we found ourselves snared back in it again.

So Greenspan’s reference to the end of a three hundred year system was not just the US monetary system but the foundational system that controls the entire Western world; Europe and the U.S.
In a few paragraphs, here is a brief summary from years of reading, watching and observing this topic.

This is what I discovered.

In 2008 the system came to an end with the banking collapse. It’s been propped up since until we could find our way to another one. But it’s ending and when the money system ends so go the institutions built around it. Most specifically the federal government.

There’s an interesting connection to this monetary cycle and that is when the monetary system ends (and fiat systems always end, they are not sustainable) then the empires supported by this system also crumble. As, did the Roman Empire. Or, Europe recently with the domino effect first caused by Brexit. Britain is exiting the European Union; others are now talking about it too. The European Union is coming apart. According to these predictions so will the union of the United States.

But, I’ve been most fascinated by cycles. Apparently we don’t live in a linear world. We live in a world when everything returns back to the beginning at a set time. It all cycles back every time.

The cycle may have a different window dressing, different actors, different locations but it is loaded with similarities to that last point in time.

In the financial world, if investors are smart, they rely upon computers and cycles. And the programs in place are loaded with history in finance, economics, cultural and political issues etc. They show cyclical patterns.

In one program I follow, the computer is predicting that confidence in the U.S government peaked in 2015, and in 2016 we will enter a time of revolution. In 2017 we’ll be fully into it. This computer program has shown consistent reliable and accurate predictions in the last year as I have followed it.
It’s pointing to our time as comparable to the time of the civil war.

With a revolution brewing what can we expect? Just look at the Civil War. When the war was declared fathers, sons, and husbands who had been the primary bread winner on the farms to feed their family abandoned their mothers, wives, daughters and children to go off to war to protect them. So, many of them were left to starve on the farm.

Protection? Insane. Indeed.

Tennessee was one of the battle grounds for the Confederate and the Union sides to meet. One story was told that groups of men marched from Ohio on the Union side to Tennessee to meet and kill as many on the Confederate side as possible. It wasn’t until half of both sides lay dying that those still standing actually questioned if it made any sense to kill their fellow country man. So, they left and went back home.

At least some of the abandoned dependents saw their family providers return. Many did not since many of the men never came back home.

So, if this computer prediction is accurate, what can we expect?

We’re in a revolution. It has started. It’s not just the U.S. It started in Europe, spread here and soon will be experienced in Canada and Mexico. The entire western world’s foundation is in question now.

The contrasts are becoming clear. We’re all rising up even if it appears there are separate sides and we’re demanding better.

This computer program is predicting that by 2032, in about fifteen years, the US federal government will be finished as we know it. There may only be the states. Just like it was at another point in time in our early history. Everything will go back to local.

When I repeat this, I have been accused of being fatalistic. But I find no problem with this happening.

The new anticipated cycle of life is quite exciting. It’s the transition that gives pause.
It’s likely that our keynote speaker knows nothing about my perspective. But her prophetic words are on

Let’s come together in Nashville, May 19-21, 2017, to learn and grow together on how we can build resilient and sustainable communities for transition into this new world. Don’t miss it. Sign up now.






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