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Do you proactively de-escalate ‘diverse’ personalities in your life?

Coho/US is presenting a retreat Sept 30 – Oct 2 called “Dealing with Diverse Personalities in Community” at Arcosanti, Arizona. Arcosanti is an experimental community between Flagstaff and Phoenix built by a bunch of volunteers to demonstrate sustainable alternatives to urban sprawl and also the home to a bronze bell foundry. Arcosanti will be the location for another experiment of sorts as the venue for this retreat, facilitated by Jeff Zucker and myself.
“De-escalation”has been in the news lately. Our retreat will concentrate on how individuals within communities of any ilk can learn some skills about exploring the roots of your own diverse personality, how to become aware of others’ diverse personality traits and how to de-escalate when personalities clash....
I had heard about community skirmishes, but this is the first time I’d been in the middle of one.

Dealing with Diverse Personalities: Arcosanti Retreat

Everyone has one. It doesn’t matter what your gender is, or your ethnicity. Whether you are young, old, tall, short, liberal, conservative, gregarious or introverted, you have one, and so does every other person on the planet.
What is it?
A personality.
Some people even have multiple personalities, and we all know that we act differently at work than we do at home. We interact differently with our parents than we do with our children, or the person next door....But, when we intend to build a harmonious community, it is sometimes challenging to create a collaborative environment with people who are so different from us. “If only they would understand things the way that I do,” we say to ourselves. “If only.”

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