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2020 Cohousing Open

Come learn! Come teach! Come ask, and answer and absorb all that cohousing has to offer. We’ll be using a structure known as “Open Space” to build community. You won’t want to miss our first annual Cohousing Open! Cohousing Open 2020: A Cooperative Conference

River Song Cohousing Info Meeting

Join us this Saturday morning at 9 am (Pacific Time) for an Introduction to River Song Cohousing. We are now building our membership for a 2021 Spring Launch. These are exciting days as we come together from all over North America to create a multi-aged community in Eugene, Oregon, just off the bike path that… Read More

River Song Cohousing

An intergenerational community of independent households, River Song Cohousing is committed to finding purpose and a sense of belonging through working, learning and playing together in a neighborhood designed to make a small and beautiful footprint on the land.  

Homegrown Moving Company

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Bluebell Relocation Services

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Bohn Farm Cohousing Community – Farm & Art Community

Bohn Farm Cohousing Community Vision Statement Welcome, This community will design and build a wonderful sense of place on a historic six acre family farm in southwest Longmont near the St. Vrain River greenbelt and Izaak Walton Pond. An objective among the existing member, active families and adults who prefer healthy living practices, is to… Read More

Abundance and Common Resources

A series of questions were posted to Cohousing-L, the cohousing listserv: How much, if anything, do you charge members or members’ guests per night in the common guest room? How much, if anything, do you charge members who use common spaces for work or income earning meetings? How much, if anything, do you charge members… Read More

Ankeny Row Zero Energy Community

The owners of Ankeny Row Zero are retiring couples with a strong desire to age in place in the heart of the city while minimizing their living expenses and environmental footprint. Designed and built by Portland-based Green Hammer, Ankeny Row consists of five two-story townhouses, one loft and one common studio surrounding a courtyard. The… Read More

FAQ What is Open Space Technology? OST is a structure for running meetings that facilitates participants to have the conversations that interest them most.   Is there any structure? Yes! We will have an opening and a closing circle. There will also be set session times and an agenda that we build together so that the topic… Read More

Truckee River CoHousing Virtual Tour

Explore our future neighborhood on the Truckee River… virtually! We’d love to share the special spaces we are creating ~ Private Space ~ Community Space ~ Open Space ~ via photos, videos, and conversation. Now more than ever, social distancing is showing us the value of vibrant local communities. Come check out what we’re building… Read More

Community Partnership Program

Community Partnership Program The Cohousing Association is depending on  you, and we want you to know that you can depend on us. Community Partnership is a structure for all of us to support each other as a community of communities.  As a Community Partner, you will be investing in CohoUS and our mission for more… Read More

Genesee Gardens Cohousing

We are a retrofit cohousing community located in downtown Lansing, MI, formed in 2003, and still growing!

Free Food Fridge

Another great idea for cohousers. We love how Asha Leong of East Lake Commons just outside Atlanta, GA is bringing together her passion, her cohousing community and the broader community in which she lives.  Thanks Asha, for sharing this great idea! Build it and they will come. I’m proud to unveil the East Lake Commons… Read More

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Pacifica Cohousing

Pacifica is a cohousing community founded on four guiding principles: community, diversity, sustainability, and affordability. Built in 2006, Pacifica is located in the heart of Carrboro, North Carolina— within walking distance to the Farmer’s Market, downtown Carrboro with its many shops and restaurants, and within biking distance to downtown Chapel Hill. Pacifica is situated on… Read More

Peasley Moving & Storage

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