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2021 Online Event Costs

Costs CohoUS is offering six online events for 2021.  What is Cohousing? in January is a simple event introducing the basics of cohousing.  The other 5 events are broader and more robust events and priced accordingly.  See specifics below:   What is Cohousing? Jan 2021 Cost: $25 Stepping Into Cohousing (Feb 2021) Connecting in Cohousing… Read More

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! MOVIE NIGHT – The Best of Both World’s, Cohousing’s Promise Free · Online Event

Now more than ever, people are seeking community and a sense of belonging. Come watch this newly released short documentary on the promise of cohousing. There will be a Q&A after the 27 mins showing with the members of CoHousing Houston. Register for your Zoom link here:

2021 Get Together Workshop

This Zoom workshop creates an opportunity to interact with all of our members, get to know us, learn about cohousing, and take a deeper dive into the inner workings of the project and 2021 plans. ​By the end of this workshop you should have the information you need to determine whether cohousing might be a… Read More

Moving into the East End in Houston, Texas

Come visit with Anne Whitlock and hear her story about leaving a big, lovely house in West University to move to the East End. You may have seen articles about their project in the Houston Chronicle in 2014, or the final remodeling of the Fire House the bought there, in the October 2017 edition of… Read More

Spyder Moving Services

Spyder Moving Services Mississippi – if you need the best movers to help you with the relocation we are here for you. Moving is stressful and time-consuming. If you don’t make a good plan, it might happen you forget about something or something can go wrong. Think ahead and make a list of tasks. Make… Read More

Sociocracy beginner class (2×3 hours)

You’ve heard of sociocracy and you’re ready to learn it? This sociocracy beginner training is for you!  In this workshop, we will give you an overview of the basic concepts of sociocracy: how we make decisions, how we empower and connect teams and we can improve continuously over time. Exercises and role-plays let everyone experience… Read More

Nonviolent Communication (online class, 3 sessions)

This is a 3-session introduction class to compassionate communication (Nonviolent Communication, NVC). It covers basic concepts with many examples. All sessions are participatory with time for questions and answers. NVC meshes beautifully with sociocracy because it allows us to listen well, make ourselves understood on a deeper level, and explore together how we can co-create… Read More

Sociocracy For All

Governance as equals and better meetings with Dynamic Governance (aka Sociocracy). Sociocracy For All is a nonprofit based in Massachusetts and operating globally. 

Time management in meetings!

Struggling with time management in meetings, and curious what sociocracy has to offer? This webinar gives an overview! Meeting time – sometimes meetings seem to last forever, sometimes time just flies! As a participant, it’s easy to talk for 5 or 10 minutes straight and that can be 1/10 of the meeting used up already…. Read More

Van Village

Van Village is a place to call home for van dwellers. The purpose is to provide the comforts of a stable home while supporting the flexibility and freedom that vanlife offers. It is a community by intention and a basecamp to your next adventure.

Heartwood Cohousing – Phase 2

We are a close-knit community of people who care about each other, support each other, and have fun together. We are blessed to live in a peaceful and beautiful place. Our close connection with nature means we enjoy plenty of outdoor recreation and organic food grown on our own land. Strong community relationships, low stress,… Read More

East Bay Cohousing (EBCOHO)

Join over 5100 community seekers and founders on the East Side of the San Francisco Bay Area (Berkeley/Oakland) and beyond. We in EBCOHO meet regularly to learn together, to organize, to search, explore, and start new communities. Join one of our regular info sessions to learn about cohousing, EcoVillages, #coliving, limited-equity housing coops, and other… Read More

2021 Connecting Schedule

Schedule & Session Descriptions Session descriptions will be posted here as they are available. Welcome Join us for opening remarks from the Cohousing Association staff and board, including instructions for using technology for this online conference. Keynote Networking Session 1 Sessions will be posted here when they are available. Thanks to our Sponsors Caddis Collaborative… Read More

CoHousing Houston INFO Meet & Greet

Join us for an introduction to cohousing, our project an opportunity to meet our members, and ask questions. Register here for your Zoom link:

Movie Night – Showing “The Best of Both Worlds”

Special showing of newly released cohousing documentary. THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS explores the concept of cohousing as expressed through first-hand observations of residents of four cohousing communities — including the first one in the United States — and observations by architect Charles Durrett, who, with his wife at the time, Katie McCamant, brought the… Read More

2021 Affordability

One of the most common values and biggest challenges for cohousing is to be affordable to all. This event will dig into this difficult topic from many perspectives, from development options to HOA dues and the ways to help each other.     Registration Check back here for Registration when it opens. Convenient Access on Zoom… Read More

2021 Time

The first generation of cohousing in the US led the way for everyone. Now these communities are finding their way through new challenges. This event looks at the challenges of communities past their first decade, from aging buildings to aging members, working with what we have, integrating newcomers, and building on years of well-earned wisdom…. Read More