Advertising in Classifieds

Our classifieds are our standard listing for homes for sale or rent and forming communities. They are listed on the Classified Ads page of our website. We also list professionals and events in our classified ads. See pricing below.
Click Here to place an ad.

Reminder: Keep your directory listing up to date and we will gladly link your classified ad to your directory page.

Advertising in eNews

Our eNews reaches 10,000 inboxes every month and has space for your classified ad. eNews advertising is available as an add on to a standard classified ad on our website. Your eNews ad will link to your classified ad for complete information.

Advertising with a Spotlight Article

Highlight your community or service with a Spotlight article in our eNews. An article will share interesting news about your community, a milestone story or a great event. Spotlight articles are presented as article content and tend to get more readers. They are edited, and sometimes written, by our staff for content and quality. Spotlight articles are available to those running a classified ad on our website and in the eNews.

Advertising Pricing

Homes and Forming Communities:

• Classified Ads page – 1 month $65

• Classified Ads + Cohousing Now! eNews – 1 month $90

• Buy 5 months and get the 6th month free.

• Spotlight article – $500


• Classified Ads page – 1 Month $100

• Classified Ads + Cohousing Now! eNews – 1 Month $150

• Buy 5 months and get the 6th month free.

• Spotlight article – $500


• Classified Ads page – 1 Month $65

• Classified Ads + Cohousing Now! eNews – 1 Month $90

Cohouser Owned Business:

• Classified Ads page – 1 Month $25

Sponsor WebChats

Our weekly WebChats are a great support to the cohousing community and their impact lives on as the recordings are available on our webpage for years to come. Supporters are invited to sponsor a month of WebChats.. Sponsors receive:
• Recognition on all WebChat marketings (coho-L, Facebook, website, eNews)
• Recognition from the host at the beginning and end of each WebChat
• Logo visible on recording of WebChat posted on the website
• Recognition on WebChat page
• Mention in WebChat Blog Post
One month WebChat sponsorship: $1000
Note: Sponsor will receive recognition for 4 WebChats, generally in the same month.

Sponsor a WebPage

Our new website has tons of great information for cohousers – your potential clients. When you sponsor a page related to your business you let your client base know how much you support cohousing.
Page Sponsor receives a banner ad at the top of the page for one year.
Note: Sponsorship is available for topic-specific pages like “Common Meals” or “HOA Fees”. Please contact us for additional information about pages available.

Community Launch Program

The Cohousing Association has supported dozens of communities to grow their membership. We have the knowledge and contact list to give your community the boost you need. To get the most of what we have to offer, we recommend our new “Community Launch” program. Your community will receive:
• Classified Ad on our website (Value $65/month)
• eNews Classified Ad (Value $25/month)
• eNews Spotlight article (Value $500)
• Highlighted Directory listing (when available)
• Printable Cohousing flier design 
• Cohousing marketing tips
• 30 minute consult with cohousing  professional (Value $50-200)
• Banner ad sponsoring a page in the Live It section of our website (Value $500)

Price: $125/month
12 month minimum commitment (Total value: $2100+)

Professional Launch Program

We know that getting started as a cohousing professional can be a challenge, and the cohousing community needs your knowledge and talents. We propose to partner with you for your first year as a cohousing professional in a time of mutual support to get your career in cohousing launched. Email to set up consultation about the Professional Launch Program.

Professional Contributes:
• $75/month with one year commitment
• 1 (or more) content blog post per quarter
• 1 (or more) webchat presentation during the year
• Participation in CohoUS social media

CohoUS Contributes:
• Blog audience
• WebChat audience
• Social media audience
• Listing in Professional Directory
• Classified Ad on website and eNews (value $150/month)
• Spotlight article in Cohousing Now! Enews (value of $500)

Event Sponsors

The Cohousing Association hosts a biannual national conference and several events throughout the year. Contact event organizers to learn about opportunities to support each event. See upcoming events here:

Association Supporters

These are organizations, businesses or individuals that believe in cohousing, and want to support the association financially to carry out our mission to change the world through education and advocacy for cohousing communities. See our Association Supporters page for details of this program.