Community Partnership

Communities that are already living together enjoy the many benefits of a nationwide cohousing community. Events throughout the year help you continue to build your community skills. Listing your resale homes attracts buyers who are self-selected for cohousing. Supporting the broader cause of cohousing pays it forward, helping the next generation of cohousers find their way to community.  Details here.

Community Launch

Communities that are forming and building need all the support they can get, and that’s what we’re here for. Our Community Launch participants receive extra web presence, access to all of your conferences, and personal guidance from our staff to make the most of all the resources CohoUS has to offer.  Details here.

Community Pre-Launch

For groups that are just beginning to form the first step is often to gather a few like-minded souls in your neck of the woods. To help you gather the first group, we offer you our very best deal on a classified ad with eNews. Email for more details.  We’re eager to get to know you!

Professional Partnership Program

We know that getting started as a cohousing professional can be a challenge, and the cohousing community needs your knowledge and talents. We propose to partner with you for as a cohousing professional in a time of mutual support to get your career in cohousing launched. Email to set up consultation about the Professional Partnership Program.

Professional Contributes:
• $500/year or $50/month
• 1 (or more) content blog post per quarter
• Possible webchat or event session during the year
• Participation in CohoUS social media

CohoUS Contributes:
• Blog audience
• Event registrations for online events
• Social media audience
• Highlighted listing in Professional Directory
• Classified Listing on website and eNews 

Listing in Classifieds and Enews

Our classifieds are our standard listing for homes for sale or rent and forming communities. They are listed on the Classified Listing page of our website. We also list professionals in our classified ads. See pricing below.
Click Here to place an ad.

Add eNews to your classified listing and will include it in our monthly newsletter to the nationwide cohousing community. 

Homes and Forming Communities:

• Classified Listing page – 1 month $65

• Classified Listing + Cohousing Now! eNews – 1 month $90

(For an even better deal, see our Community Partnership and Community Launch options above!) 


• Classified Listing page – 1 Month $100

• Classified Listing + Cohousing Now! eNews – 1 Month $150


Event Sponsors

The Cohousing Association will host 6 online events in 2021 and plans to return to our  biannual national conference in person in 2022. Contact our Executive Director at to learn about opportunities to support each event. See upcoming events here.

Association Supporters

These are organizations, businesses or individuals that believe in cohousing, and want to support the association financially to carry out our mission to change the world through education and advocacy for cohousing communities. See our Association Supporters page for details of this program.