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Innovative. Sustainable. Home.

Cohousing communities are intentional, collaborative neighborhoods created with a little ingenuity. They bring together the value of private homes with the benefits of more sustainable living. That means residents actively participate in the design and operation of their neighborhoods, and share common facilities and good connections with neighbors. All in all, they stand as innovative and sustainable answers to today’s environmental and social problems. Welcome home.

The 2016 National Cohousing Open House Day A Success

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It was like a party! I was an informal greeter and met so many interesting and lively people. Maybe this response is a nice indication that our society is beginning to think realistically and creatively about housing. ST, Acequia Jardin (Albuquerque)
It gave us a chance to show off our beautiful community, and find potential buyers for current homes for sale, but also setting seeds for the future. More people now know about us and know more about cohousing. Katie McCamant, Nevada City Cohousing (California)

Many thanks to the 95 communities across the country who opened their doors and welcomed the public for our inaugural National Cohousing Open House Day on April 30th....the vast majority of participating communities enjoyed robust crowds and diverse visitors - from the curious, to the “let’s sit down and talk” serious, to many who were re-educated in what they thought cohousing was. We estimate 3,000 folks joined in based on early survey results. Coho/US....

Growing Need for Homes Designed for Aging in Community

Lifespan Home Modifications was founded 15 years ago in the state with the fastest aging population per capita and no retirement communities: Alaska. Like the rest of the country, residents assumed they would retire and remain in the same home and community where they raised their families. But as the stark realities of Aging in Place emerged, the growing need for homes designed and modified specifically for low maintenance, safe navigation, aging eyesight, home healthcare, cognitive changes and other age-related factors became obvious.

Germantown Commons in Nashville - Great Newscast for Ribbon Cutting

[Editor's Note: Great "first cohousing community in state" newscast for ribbon cutting Kudos!]

Germantown Commons in Nashville Tennessee held a Weekend Celebration April 29-30. Friday was the ribbon cutting for the completion of the common house and project and Saturday a celebration nationally with the National Cohousing Open House Day. Several hundred people attended the two days of events. Bryan Bowen & Kristen Uttieo, architects with Caddis, from Boulder Colorado were on hand to speak at the ceremony and greet visitors in the open house. A furry of activity started on Thursday as furnishings began arriving for the new space and many of the members were up late putting furniture together and stocking the kitchen. The enthusiasm carried forward through the two days and three nights of activity. Fox News, Channel 17 was on hand to record the festivities with a newscast for the community to show off to all of Middle Tennessee.