The Cohousing Tax

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"Happily Ever Aftering in Cohousing: A Handbook for Community Living" is a slim book that packs a big message. Written by Charles (a.k.a Chuck) Durrett with Bernice Gonzalez and Erik Bonnett of McCamant & Durrett Architects, the book compiles best practices for living in cohousing....The introduction alone is the single best constructed argument of why do cohousing in the first place posing the singular question: “If it doesn’t work socially, why bother?” In the book, Chuck and company describe four areas of best practices for insuring a healthy, working, collaborative community.... let’s begin at the very end with … The Cohousing Tax. Here is Chuck's description:
We all have to pay taxes to government, that’s a given. Cohousing is no different. The cohousing tax is what we pay to receive all the gifts we get day after day, big and small. …Every day it seems I receive 20 to 40 warm smiles… However, every month or so I get a frown.

An Investment in Creating Community: Giving to Coho/US

"It really feels like the cohousing movement and the national Association have taken a big step forward this year."
Jim Leach, Wonderland Hill and Silver Sage

Cohousing is good, we know this! Good for enhancing our lives, raising our children, supporting our seniors, creating resilient neighborhoods, and improving our environment....A great way to advance your belief and continue your legacy is to support Coho/US with a gift this year end.

Coho/US is well positioned to keep us learning from each other, to get the word out about our amazing model for living, to grow our movement for a more collaborative society. But we need everyone’s support to keep this work going! This past year saw tremendous progress for the association:

Communities Directory Campaign

Today the Fellowship for Intentional Community is launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise $6000—the funds needed to assemble a new print version of our flagship publication, Communities Directory. This will be our seventh edition, and first since 2010.

Many Thanks to These Communities who have Given in 2015

Coho/US exists to nurture our Cohousing Communities, established and forming. Gifts from our communities, as well as individuals and sponsors, enable us to provide programs and services that benefit you.
This list will continue to be updated through 2015. To make a donation visit

The Social Portfolio

What a great concept!

Social capital’s a fairly common buzzword these days, but I especially like the idea of taking stock of our connections. This notion, of a social portfolio, has been on my mind all week. In our age of near-constant digital connectivity, embracing our tangible community circles seems about as important as ever. I say this as a millennial, who's blessed to live in a tight-knit town. Yet this value finds equal footing as we age – and the clip where this concept came from brings this idea home.

What a long strange trip it still is - aging better together and the power of community

I live in the Silver Sage Village senior cohousing community in North Boulder…recently the community began discussing “aging in community” which has been on my mind quite a bit, lately....I’m making a documentary movie about my and my neighbors’ experiences of growing old in cohousing and their thoughts about the future. I’m also helping produce a national conference on the topic that will be held next year May 19-21 in Salt Lake City...My movie won’t be anything earth shattering, but hopefully will give others wanting to start up an intentional community some insight into what to expect. These discussions are about the first ones we’ve had in the five years I’ve been living at Silver Sage Village where the topic has been about something more substantive than maintaining the buildings.

Aging Better Together: The Power of Community May 20-21, 2016

We've created a new title for our Aging in Community Cohousing Conference, to capture our approach. We will enjoy gathering opportunities the evening of May 19th, and the conference will launch early morning on May 20 and continue through an evening event on the 21st.
Please save the date!
We will keep this webpage updated:


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