National Cohousing Open House Day: Thanksgiving for Cohousers!

It feels like Thanksgiving for Cohousers! You know what its like for those hosting Thanksgiving, right? Preparing extra special treats, cleaning a little bit more than usual, coordinating who is doing what, and mostly... preparing and getting excited for the guests to arrive! That's what we have been doing at Cohousing communities all across the country and YOU are the guests.

Cohousing Impact on the Greater Neighborhood - Sharings

Takoma Village was the first new housing development in our neighborhood in eons. The neighborhood was considered by some as dangerous. Don’t walk home from the Metro after 9:00. Body found ….. Mugging…. Stuff like that but not as often as when I lived in NYC.

Ever Dream of Making Your Cohousing Passion a Profession?

CoHousing Solutions' 500 Communities Program

Cohousing groups across the country need project managers and marketing assistance to help them realize their dreams. CoHousing Solutions’ 500 Communities Program is halfway though its first year training. We’re starting to recruit for our next class!

New Life for a Former Convent: Aria Cohousing Community

A new neighborhood to cultivate life! Aria Denver is moving ahead with the renovation of a signature building on the former Marycrest Convent property to create Aria Cohousing Community. The former convent building will become 28 condominium units (of which 8 are affordable under the city of Denver’s program) consisting of one, two and three bedroom units, many with private outdoor living areas.

Working Both Sides of the Aisle: Community Conversations about Aging

[Editor's Comment: Please join Laird for this amazing opportunity at the Aging Better Together Conference!]
Back in early January Alice Alexander and I worked out an agreement for me to conduct a pre-conference half-day workshop entitled Community Conversations about Aging: What You Need to Talk about and How. It was scheduled for May 19, as a lead-in to the regional Aging Better Together cohousing conference, happening May 20-21 in Salt Lake City. At the time I figured this would be a natural extension of my ongoing work with cohousing groups (I’ve worked with about 60 of them over the past 18 years), and build nicely on the momentum I’ve observed among established communities who are increasingly questioning where they stand 10-20 years after being built. Now what, they’re asking, which includes some serious head scratching about how to handle an aging population—which is why the conference is timely.....Then things got complicated. At the end of January I went into the hospital with persistent lower back pain and discovered to my horror that I had cancer as a root cause.

Getting Less Conflicted About Conflict

In the last week, a colleague sent me the link for a TEDx talk entitled: Conflict: Use it, Don't Defuse It. The two presenters, CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke, are professional facilitators and they do a good job of laying out their main premise: that conflict is inherently neither good nor bad, yet most people (and most groups) avoid it (or try to contain it) to their detriment....They claim—and I agree—that conflict is a source of energy and information, and if you can learn to approach it with vulnerability and curiosity you can get amazing results. In the video they share some powerful stories about their personal and professional lives where these lessons were brought home to them.

Discover Cohousing: Sustainable Community Living - Event April 21 (Richmond VA)

Working Together Builds Community!
An exciting cohousing event is happening in Richmond, VA - Richmond Cohousing and The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design are hosting a roundtable discussion on the concept and design principles of cohousing and their role in reshaping modern domestic spaces. "Discover Cohousing: Sustainable Community Living" will be a great opportunity for the public, museum members, architects, designers, and all those interested in how design principles can impact community, to learn about cohousing. But the story behind the event also shows the connections and intentions it often takes to make these opportunities to happen.

Madison Communities Embrace National Cohousing Open House Day

Representatives from the four communities in Madison are collaborating on plans for the National Cohousing Open House Day. The Arboretum Cohousing common house will serve as the main venue and the event will run from noon to 4:00 on April 30. Visit their Facebook event page here.
The day will include socializing with cohousing residents and organizers, community tours, refreshments, fun activities for kids, current sales info, and take-home brochures and fact sheets. Individual communities will schedule showings at their own events. We will have a continuous loop slide show with photos of community activities, children’s play, work projects in progress, etc., and have solicited photos from all the communities to include in the show.

Jim Leach: 50 Years of Building Community

Jim Leach, with Wonderland Hill Development Company in Boulder, is a nationally recognized leader in the design and development of innovative and sustainable neighborhoods, and was an early and significant developer of cohousing and senior cohousing. His five-decade career has been driven by the belief that “community is the secret ingredient in sustainability.”

Jim spoke at the University of Colorado Boulder on April 11, 2016. Jim’s talk, and accompanying exhibit, offer a retrospective of his efforts to design and build better neighborhoods. Here is a link to Jim's talk.


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