Cohousing Professionals

Cohousing professionals include architects, developers, consultants, marketers, trainers, and others who can address the specific and special needs of cohousing communities and forming groups. Featured professionals have demonstrated cohousing experience and help support the costs of this website. Coho/US confirms that Featured Professionals have cohousing experience with one or more cohousing group. Inclusion is not a Coho/US endorsement - groups are encouraged to request and check references when making hiring decisions. Please contact our advertising [at] cohous [dot] org (Advertising Manager,) for details on how to get listed here.

Featured Professionals


Bryan Bowen Architects, P.C. Kraus Fitch Architects, Inc.
Cohousing & Sustainable design
logo The Cohousing Company
McCamant & Durrett Architects

Sustainable architecture, cohousing consulting


WHDC/Cohousing Partners, LLC Cohousing Partners, LLC & Wonderland Hill Development Company

Group Process/Membership Development

Cohousing Coaches Cohousing Coaches
Find future neighbors, build community

Other Professionals

Many professionals are interested in providing services to forming groups and existing communities. Coho/US does not screen Other Professional listings in any way. Professionals demonstrating cohousing experience are eligible to upgrade from our "Other Professional" listing to a Featured Professional listing. Please click here for more details or contact our advertising [at] cohous [dot] org (Advertising Manager,) for details about starting a listing.