Aging in Cohousing

Corazón core group at first workshop.  Photo by Marianne Kilkenny

In 2017, Coho/US created a new Aging in Cohousing initiative to support the creation of age-friendly cohousing communities in the U.S. - both multi-generational and senior only. Our goal is to empower cohousing communities to create physical and social environments that allow people to flourish as they get older.

Age-friendly communities are proactively designed, or retrofitted, to support aging in community and some level of co-care for aging members. The grounds and buildings incorporate universal design and the hard conversations about issues of aging are taking place. An aging in community committee is formed, an outreach/advocacy program is put in place, and the community policies are written or changed to easily adapt to the changing needs and abilities of community members; regardless of their age or circumstance.

If you would like to get involved through committee work, providing resources, or collaborative partnerships please contact us at aging [at] cohousing [dot] org

Aging in Cohousing Initiative Goals:

o Help communities capitalize on the opportunities and meet the challenges of an aging population
o Provide resources - ideas, information, inspiration, and connections
o Seek out opportunities for cohousing to address long-term care solutions
o Create collaborative partnerships
o Support research efforts in partnership with the Cohousing Research Network
o Affect public policy by proposing model language and practices based on research

Click here for a list of Senior Cohousing Communities Completed and In-Process

Salt Lake City, Utah The Conference is Over but What an Impact! Click here to read about it. Click here for Conference Documents. The Blue Box Menu on the right provides the schedule and other...
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Cohousing-L is an email discussion list on all aspects of cohousing -- development, design, move-in, organizing work, community life, governance, finances, legal questions, etc. Many cohousing...
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Attached are the documents from this conference. Enjoy!
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Here is the text of the letter I read at the Aging Better Together conference in Salt Lake City. My neurologist friend who wrote the letter has since given permission to use. Hey STEVEN Here...
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Senior Cohousing Communities Completed = 13 Building = 2 Forming = 13 Please "contact us" Coho/US to update at Senior Cohousing Communities - Completed...
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First, I have to say I love it here! I was not at all sure I would. Two-and-a-half years of lots of meetings and large potlucks, with little time for one-on-one relating, had made me wonder if I was...
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Isolation is one of the key issues that we face as we age. Women more than men will be in this predicament as women tend to outlive their male partners. Are you rattling around in that big house on...
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I include below a list of things that neighbors can and should not do for neighbors with who need support or health care. One of our residents put this together when we another resident needed more...
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A recent article on aging investigates cohousing's potential to address the loneliness dilemma many older adults encounter when faced with the prospect of aging in place, isolated. "What if your...
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Loneliness doesn't always stem from being alone. For architect Grace Kim, loneliness is a function of how socially connected we feel to the people around us -- and it's often the result of the homes...
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“We at Silver Sage strive to age-in-place. Given the caring support of our community, we can do so a lot longer than in many other aging care models,” says Art Okner. “Getting older is a long,...
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Older adults around the United States (and around the world) are making a strong case for why living in a high functioning community is important to them, economically, physically, and socially. Many...
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Then sign up for the “Roadmap to Starting a New Community” intensive on May 19 at the National Cohousing Conference! When the initial members of Quimper Village started talking about building a...
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When advertising, Senior Cohousing Communities need to be aware and careful of the requirements of the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968 and 1988 amendments (FHA). There are often local fair housing...
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This is a compilation of posts on the coho-l email discussion list serve in late January 2017, in response to this inquiry: Does your community have formal or informal co-care agreements about how...
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"Having people watching out for you helps with the practical aspects of aging but the consensus government, shared work and shared spaces that are part of a place like Oakcreek Community meets...
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The Inner Game of Aging podcast features our own Cindy Turnquist this week! "What is co-housing? Wikipedia defines this as an "intentional community clustered around shared space". But that barely...
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Approximately seventy-five cohousers, researchers, aspiring cohousers, and graduate students attended a symposium on elder cohousing research in Wilmington, North Carolina, on October 27, sponsored...
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When aging alone and assessing places to live, the first thought an individual has, “How can I create an environment where I’m safe, independent, and not isolated?” That’s usually followed by, “And...
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Documents from presenters and more! PDF's attached; direct links below. Where would you want to die? How would you like to die? Letter from a neurologist via Steven Ablondi, Memel.Global How...
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Instead of assisted living, or managing a large home without help, cohousing creates a small neighborhood of independent individuals who all do what they are able in order to maintain a mutually...
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Sara Zeff Geber, PhD, is a professional group process facilitator, a transition coach, and a gerontologist with a special focus on aging in community. She spoke on the topic of her article at the...
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Last week, I attended the Aging Better Together Cohousing Conference in Salt Lake City. Before the meeting, my knowledge and understanding of it was vague. The concept sounded intriguing and I looked...
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[A repost from Peter Lazar's blog at ] I'm writing this at 34,000 on my flight to the 2016 Aging in Place conference hosted by Coho/US in Salt Lake City. I like...
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Last week, an excellent article launched a cohousing discussion on Dr. Bill Thomas's ChangingAging site. The author Beth Baker wrote the well-received book With a Little Help from our Friends—...
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[Richard Leider is a keynote speaker at our
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When talking about “Aging in Community” I often refer to a senior-friendly cohousing community. Please don’t confuse the term senior-friendly with senior-only. Senior-friendly can refer to either...
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Katie McCamant's recent interview centered on cohousing's benefits to those entering the "next act" of their lives. Her responses speak to the tandem benefits of this nexus: aging in community while...
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The stereotype and dominant paradigm of cohousing communities as they've developed over the past quarter century in the US is that our neighborhoods are great places for kids, the next generation,...
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[Laird's post is relevant to our Aging Better Together Conference, with sessions on "conscious aging" and "the power of purpose." Come join us!] I recently received an interesting invitation,...
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