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What is a common house? For many, the first instinct is to think of it as a community building. Indeed, a common house shares many of the aspects of a community building: it is a place to gather in large groups, to eat together in a community, to share child care and other common facilities. But...
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Architectural review policies are generally hard to write, partly because we have very different housing experiences when we move into cohousing and partly because we don't know how to talk about architecture or colors.. The process touches on understanding how to live in a jointly owned or managed...
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What are the most important considerations when designing the kitchen and dining room in a common house? The kitchen and "great room" are the two most important spaces in a common house, they should feel like a natural extension of each individual home. Your community can begin to create this...
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Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart) welcomes guests to a Casablanca party at Doyle Street Cohousing in Emeryville, CA. (Photo by Evangeline Welch) Editor's note: This list first appeared in our Fall 2001 issue. Cohousers across the U.S. offered the diverse list of suggestions below. Wine-...
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