A new community on the cusp of completion

Construction of Heartwood Commons in Tulsa, OK, the newest 55+ cohousing community to be built in the nation, is almost done, and members expect to move in early this year. The great news is that they still have a few homes left for sale!

One of the advantages of joining an existing community is that you don’t need to invest the time and energy to develop one from the ground up, which usually takes at least a few years. Our March newsletter will include a detailed profile of Heartwood Commons, but if you’re eager to learn more, check out their website.

Heartwood published the following article in their January 2024 newsletter. It outlines their positive mindset and approach to developing their cohousing community.

Crazy or actually smart?

Some would say it is crazy for a group of people to come together and develop a cohousing community. We, however, think we are doing something AMAZING. Choosing to live in a neighborhood created for meaningful connections with so many great people is far from crazy. In fact, we think we’re really smart, and here’s why!

  • We are being proactive. We’ve listened to the research on the negative impact of isolation and loneliness on our health and well-being. Our solution is to live in a community where people work, play, and learn together. We’ll have friends right outside our front door to share a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and a good conversation with. And we’ll have all the privacy we want as well!
  • We are securing our future. We aren’t waiting until a health crisis forces us out of our homes with little time to plan and a loss of control. We’re choosing NOW to move to a community that supports an active, engaged and healthy lifestyle — one that removes the barriers to successfully aging in place that are found in many of our single-family homes.
  • We are prioritizing. We want to spend our time, energy and money on something other than homes that are often too big and no longer meet our needs. Our new “right-sized” homes are beautiful, light-filled, one-story, energy efficient and exceedingly comfortable. Plus, daily living expenses in cohousing often produce generous savings.

These are just a few of the many brilliant reasons we are choosing Heartwood Commons. To learn more, read Ten Reasons People Choose Cohousing on our website.

For the longest time, we’ve watched and waited, and waited and watched. Finally, our homes are beginning to look like — well, homes! Members are excitedly taking measurements and making plans for furniture placement in anticipation of moving in early 2024.

We don’t want you to be left out! RSVP for our Zoom orientation on Feb. 8 here or contact us for more information.

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