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No surprise, but always nice to see data backing up what those living in cohousing communities are already intimately aware of. Researchers asked, what makes for happy homeowners? Not size or price, actually. It's about the community. "It turns out that what really matters is the extent to...
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Coho/US is initiating a National Open House Day! Whatever these words may bring up for you, one thing is for sure - just as cohousing itself is a collaborative process and group effort, a living example that the whole indeed is greater than the sum of its part, it will be with this event as well....
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Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing (CHUC) in Seattle, WA is finally edging up to its fourth floor in construction and just weeks away from setting the base for The Rooftop Farm project we have planned. We are talking about more than a few raised planters on the roof. We envision a working, year-round...
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On the night of April 13th, I had the pleasure of witnessing the joyful celebration after Fair Oaks EcoHousing received a unanimous (4-0) vote from the Sacramento County Planning Commission to approve all their project requests for development! This decision came on the heels of a number of...
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Hello! For those in the Sacramento area, there's a free cohousing presentation this weekend. Cohousing Presentation Saturday, February 7th at 7pm Fair Oaks Library: 11601 Fair Oaks Blvd Free Admission Download and share the Presentation Flyer Presented by Charles Durrett of McCamant...
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We at Fair Oaks EcoHousing are a family-friendly, intergenerational group of households intending to build 30 homes on 3.5 acres. Our community’s start of construction is planned for summer of 2015. We’re actively looking for others who share our vision to join us. We’re excited about our prime...
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Check out this article from the Atlantic "City Lab" Katie McCamant is quoted: "McCamant predicts the number [of cohousing communities] will double within 10 years." One of my quotes: "Baby boomers are demanding...
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Published on Nov 28, 2012 Jennifer Ryan has lived in cohousing communities for the past 6 years. Shot live at Beyond Pix Studios in San Francisco, CA. November 19, 2012
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