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We have two options in our Cohousing Professionals Listings: Featured Professional and Other Professionals. Please contact us for more information. Featured Professional Directory Listing - $900 per year: Experience with at least one cohousing group that provides a positive reference Your...
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A list of the 6 mistakes that groups have made that contributed to their downfall or cost them significant financial loses and/or membership problems. Not a scientific study but reflects 20 years of reading Cohousing-L. 1. NOT READING COHOUSING-L. Cohousing-L will give you access to hundreds of...
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Village Resources, LLC 1729 Sage Lane Blacksburg, VA 24060 Phone: 540.320.6011 (Fred) Phone: 540.250.7032 (Lisa)
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Dear all, I wanted to share this exciting news. HUD is talking about cohousing! See email below from the woman I work with on Fannie Mae and FHA Project Approvals. "Wanted to share the attached brochure, HUD DC handed out in our roundtable meeting March 24-26, 2014. You are referenced on...
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I used to have contingency plans for where I wanted to live in another five years. For a while, it was New Zealand, then upstate New York, then a small town in western Colorado that doesn’t feel the pace of a fresh-air-challenged metro area like Denver. Where would I try to be comfortable next?...
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