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Delaware Street Commons in Lawrence, KS, receives local architectural award

Delaware Street Commons (DSC), the first cohousing community in Kansas, has received the River City Architectural Enhancement Award from the Lawrence Board of Realtors. The community will receive the honor at a luncheon on September 18, 2007. Delaware Street Commons, a resident-developed project, recently finished construction on 21 new homes and a 2,260 sq. ft. common house.

Cohousing wins approval in an ardent no-growth town

In the great and historic town of San Juan Bautista, CA (pop. 1500), any new building project of more than three houses has to win a simple majority vote by the general population in a special election before it can proceed. That is, the applicant has to spend $50,000 and about six months of work just to get an election date, a ballot printed and all of the rest.

Silver Sage Village opens its doors

Silver Sage Village in Boulder, CO, the the first senior cohousing community in the U.S. built next to an inter-generational community opened October 18th. For more information, visit its website.

Katie McCamant recognized

Katie McCamant was a featured speaker at the Dwell on Design Conference this fall in San Francisco. She has been recognized as one of Dwell’s National Design Leaders. Watch this interesting and informative video of Katie discussing cohousing in the US.

Making the Most of Your Cohousing Visits

by Diana Leafe Christian, Earthaven Ecovillage

If you’d like to join an already-built cohousing community, each of your visits, whether sitting in on meetings or participating in common house dinners, is a rich and fertile cross-pollination point. The residents are most likely seeking people who will help build their community culture and physical infrastructure: you might have exactly the right energy, physical skills and social skills they’re looking for. And you’ll probably be asking yourself, “Will I feel at home here?” “Are these my kind of people?” These unspoken issues may hang potently in the air during your visits and can involve some ambivalence and anxiety. In some ways, visiting your prospective new home is like going on a blind date, applying for a job, or being a new kid in school.

Touring a Cohousing Community on Your Own

By Joani Blank, Coho/US Tours Coordinator

One of the best introductions to cohousing is visiting existing communities. The easiest way is through one of the cohousing bus tours that take place with some regularity in Northern California, the Seattle Area, Massachusetts, Colorado and in and around Washington D.C. – the places that have six or more completed communities reasonably close to one another.

But many folks cannot practically participate for one reason or another. So here are guidelines for visiting a cohousing community on your own.

Is Cohousing Right for You?

by Charles B. Maclean, PhD, Trillium Hollow Cohousing

Cohousing isn’t for everyone, so how do you determine if it’s a good place for you? Here are a dozen questions to help you explore aspects of that decision. The questions are intended to make your determination easier and, just as important, the underlying issues they probe might prevent an ill-fated mismatch of your expectations with the realities of life in cohousing.

Kathryn McCamant & Charles Durrett honored

Kathryn McCamant & Charles Durrett of CoHousing Partners and McCamant & Durrett Architects, received several honors.

The Sierra Business Council honored them October 19, 2007, as part of its the Vision 2020 Award, for their commitment to promoting a unique solution to one of the most vexing problems in the Sierra Nevada - the growing need for affordable, high quality housing. That same day, Katie McCamant was interviewed by Green Living Ideas. The podcast is available here. The firm is also among the finalists competing for the "2008 EnergyValue Housing Award," awarded by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). That competition is for their work on Nevada City Cohousing.

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