Community living is living life better together – better for us, better for the planet. The Cohousing Association of the United States is a national nonprofit supporting cohousing communities in doing just that. Spreading the word about cohousing shifts the culture toward a new American dream where every home is surrounded by caring, collaborative neighbors who use less of the earth’s resources while living an abundant life. CohoUS advances cohousing by assisting forming and existing communities in creating community living and educating the public about the benefits of cohousing, from resource conservation to healthy families. Cohousing is proving particularly valuable as coronavirus pushes people into isolation and loneliness and cohousers remain connected in community. With common meals shifting to outdoor locations with physical distance, community meetings becoming online and new traditions like porch sing-alongs community living is alive and well in cohousing. The recent stresses are establishing that while the many practices of cohousing that involve spending time together are helpful to community, the most important part is the intention to be in connection. In cohousing: – you know your neighbors – no more loneliness – eat together when you want – privacy when you want – have a place to hang out with friends, hold meetings, do work that supports causes you believe in and more

What is cohousing?

Cohousing is community designed to foster connection. Physical spaces allow neighbors to easily interact with others just outside private homes. Common areas including kitchen, dining space and gardens bring people together. Collaborative decision-making builds relationships.

Bellingham Cohousing
Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing
Cornerstone Village
Doyle Street Cohousing
Durham Cohousing
Duwamish Cohousing
East Lake Commons
Fresno Cohousing
Frog Song Cohousing
Germantown Cohousing
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East Lake Commons
Wild Sage Cohousing
Cornerstone Village
Cornerstone Village
Pioneer Valley Cohousing

Why cohousing?

So many reasons. In a way, it all comes down to making the world a better place. Connection, environmentalism, security and community support all draw neighbors to cohousing communities. We stay because we love our neighbors, the lifestyle we share and the growth we experience.

Learning about Cohousing