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Seekers Directory

The seekers directory is a place for folks who are interested in cohousing to find each other. By listing yourself here you make it possible for others to find you, and we always encourage you to use the Community Directory to reach out to communities of interest. For folks thinking of forming a group or beginning to form a group, this is a resource of potential members.

This directory is a self-reported resource supported by Cohousing US.  The content displayed here is entered and updated by each individual and not by CohoUS. If you need help updating your listing please contact us using the link in the footer.  Create a new listing here. Anyone interested in cohousing at any level is encouraged to create a listing.

Name City Seeking In Seeking Location
Alex Kolstoe Philadelphia Multigenerational Philadelphia
Alex Rodriguez Vancouver Multigenerational Vancouver WA
Alice Graves St. Petersburg Either northeastern US
Anastasia Baldwin Milton Multigenerational Austin, TX
Ann Pulliam Vienna Either
Ann Winschel Fox Point Either Milwaukee area
Aran Portland Multigenerational Portland, OR
Audrey Boston, MA Multigenerational Massachusetts
Barb Elgin White Marsh Either Beaches of DE/MD
Barbara Trypaluk Saratoga Springs Multigenerational Northeast -preferrably Vermont/New York/Massachusettes
Brian Esch South Bend Either Great Lakes or California
Brianna Moosic Multigenerational North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee or Florida.
C Goller Plattsmouth Senior Nebraska
Candyce LR Austin Either Seasonable, near good water sources
Carly Stevenson Los Angeles Multigenerational California or Pacific Northwest
Carol Chicago Multigenerational Northeast
Carol Raphael Portland Either Portland & Pacific Northwest
Casey Nightingale Selah Multigenerational Santa Cruz
Chris Lofstrom Petersburg Multigenerational Petersburg, Virginia
Christine Malmsten Hudsonville Multigenerational metro Grand Rapids, Hudsonville area
Cindy Chantilly Either DC Metro or Affordable co housing with urban access
Cindy Jackson Saint Paul Multigenerational Open to Midwest, DC area or South
CJ Pleasant Grove Multigenerational Utah County
Claudia Chaves Ashland Either Anywhere in the US
Claudia Chaves Franklinville Multigenerational North Carolina
Dan Barrett Portland Multigenerational Costa Rica, United States
Daniel Raskin San Francisco Either San Francisco Bay area
Dave Welling Anaheim Either Baja California
David Blackmore Kimberton Multigenerational South of Pennsylvania
Denise Kalispell Multigenerational Northwestern Montana
Donald Wopperer Idyllwild-Pine Cove Senior Southern California
Elaine Farstad Memphis Multigenerational NC. Durham or Coastal
Enrica Filippi Quincy Multigenerational East/West Coast
Erin Wildermuth Baltimore Multigenerational Baltimore, MD
Gabi Silver Davie Multigenerational South Florida
Gavin Hershey Multigenerational PA, Northeast, and Beyond
Hallie Condit Snohomish Multigenerational California
Heather Moline Vancouver Multigenerational Portland Metro Area
Igor Ternovsky Cleveland Multigenerational any
Jackie El Cerrito Multigenerational East Bay / Sonoma County / NorCal
Jacob Dummeldinger Tallahassee Multigenerational Tallahassee, Florida
Jamie Kegerise Wilmington Multigenerational Wilmington, Delaware area
Janis Greenwich Either Interest in coastal areas, but open to any. In town or near to town/city. International in countries with favorable visa programs (e.g., Portugal)
Janis S Greenwich Either Anywhere in the world that sparks my interest!
Jay Gregory Oakland Multigenerational
Jeanne Juneau Gig Harbor Either Pacific Northwest
Jessie Garson Cleveland Multigenerational Cleveland, OH or East Coast
Jill Boston Multigenerational New England
Joe Garvey San Francisco Multigenerational Santa Cruz
John Dandridge Multigenerational East TN, or locale
John A Stadler Bath Multigenerational Maine
Jon Parks Silver Spring Multigenerational Somewhere in the DMV
Joyce Dunn CAROLINA SHOR Multigenerational Virginia to Florida on the East Coast
Julie and Chuck Waterman Kumamoto, Japan Either North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee
Karen Macdonald Annapolis Multigenerational Annapolis
Kate State College Multigenerational Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina or someplace warmer than PA
Kathryn Louise Alachua Multigenerational No FL
Katie Sharp Portland Multigenerational Portland
Keith Cooley San Francisco Multigenerational Bay area especially San Francisco
Kim and Michael Portland Multigenerational Northwest or Northeast US
Kimya Carter Cohoes Multigenerational Delanson, NY
Kirk Alexander Tucson Multigenerational metro Tucson
Lauren Pruter Bloomington Multigenerational Bloomington, IL
Lea Galanter Kirkland Either Massachusetts, preferably Western Massachusetts
Leslie Hammer Berkeley Multigenerational Bay Area
Leslie Rome Seattle Multigenerational open
Lex Silver Spring Multigenerational DC Metro area and surrounding states
Lexine Oakland Multigenerational Oakland
Liane Doxey Santa Fe Multigenerational Northern New Mexico (Santa Fe, Abiquiu, etc)
Lisa Westminster Multigenerational Colorado
Lisa Belmont Berkeley Multigenerational East Bay Area, Santa Cruz or Northern California
Lotus Thomas Pahoa Multigenerational Hawaii
Lucy Tafler San Francisco Multigenerational Bay Area
M Groesbeck San Diego Multigenerational San Diego County, California
Maggie Hollinbeck Bronx Multigenerational New England
Margaret Gardner Portland Either Portland, Oregon - North Portland
Mari Werner Claremont Multigenerational Los Angeles CA area outskirts
Mary Elizabeth Brewster Indianapolis Multigenerational Rural or small town, sustainable, tiny home
Maryam Northern Either Multiple possibilities; less humid places; East Bay (SF bay); Portland, ME; Oregon; WA; Portugal (yes)
Matilda Iree Malcolm Manzanita Multigenerational Oregon
Megan Suter Seattle Multigenerational Pacific Northwest
Melanie Gold New York Either Below the line of harsh, long winters
Melinda Morang Madison Multigenerational Madison, WI
Michala Freeman Vancouver Multigenerational Vancouver. WA
Mildred Brown RALEIGH Multigenerational Central and Eastern North Carolina
Nathan Fournier Worcester Multigenerational Northeast
Nicholas Coccoma Saratoga Springs Multigenerational Saratoga Springs, NY
Nicole Zumkehr Raleigh Multigenerational Central/Eastern North Carolina
Nithya Narayan West Chester Multigenerational Philadelphia,Pennsylvania
Norlyn Dimmitt St. Charles Either United States
Patricia Tempe Multigenerational Arizona
Patricia Syracuse Either Rochester, NY, Upstate NY, Ann Arbor, MI, Rochester, MN, Boston and outskirts, MA.
Patricia Chadwick SACRAMENTO Multigenerational Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland
Patricia Muldoon & William Thompson Arlington MA or NH
Patti Nelson Issaquah Multigenerational Washington
Philip Newton Essexville Either Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, Illinois
Rachel Pittsburgh Multigenerational 5-6 hour radius from Pittsburgh, PA
Rhiannon Lewisville Multigenerational Texas/Oklahoma
Rob Dresser Multigenerational Open to considering anywhere in the world
Robert Brown San Jose Either San Jose
Roberta Montclair Either Northern New Jersey
Sally Lipsky Pittsburgh Either Pittsburgh area
Sam Whited Smyrna Multigenerational Metro Atlanta, North East Georgia, or Western North Carolina
Sara Le Roux-Watrous Cortland Multigenerational North east
Sarah Hale-Meador Gladstone Multigenerational Clackamas County
Sasha Michelle Laumeister Portland Multigenerational Portland, Oregon (open to North US New England and Pacific Northwest)
Sheila Sandow San Mateo Either SF Bay Area
Shervin Esfahani San Diego - North East County Multigenerational San Diego - North East County
Sophie Rubin Oakland Multigenerational New England
Sri Raman Atlanta Multigenerational North Atlanta
Star Lutrinae Stevens Point Multigenerational Anywhere; mountains are cool
Steven Lybeck Berkeley Multigenerational East Bay Area
Susan Denver Senior Moderate climate
Susan F Santa Rosa Either Nor/Central CA or PNW
Susan Hollister “Lily” Boxford/Georgetown Multigenerational Boxford/Georgetown
Sylvia D F NAPLES Multigenerational Seattle WA
Tee San Jose Multigenerational Open
Teresa Cetto S. DENNIS Either WA near Seattle or south eastern MA RI
Test Seeker San Francisco
Veronica Teague Marion Multigenerational Anywhere
Vickie Wainwright Houston Either Gulf Coast, temperate climate
Victoria Ravenelle Tualatin Multigenerational Tualatin
Violet Zitola Cambridge Multigenerational Massachusetts