Cohousing Classifieds

This directory of cohousing communities in the US is a self-reported resource supported by Cohousing US.  The content displayed here is entered and updated by each community individually and not by CohoUS.

The map to the left displays established communities in green and forming communities is purple.  Users can zoom in and out and move the map around. For the best experience, we recommend clicking the box icon in the upper right to “View larger map” in a new window.

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Community State City Status Move In Year Community Type
Community Member Cohousing ABQ Albuquerque Building 2025 Multi-generational
Rachel Carson EcoVillage McCandless Township Building 2025 Multi-generational
312 Housing Collective Chicago Forming 2024 Multi-generational
4th Corner Commons Bellingham Forming 2028 Multi-generational
A Kindred Village Treasure Island Forming 2024 Multi-generational
Acorn Creek Cohousing (Formerly Wake Cohousing) Wendell Building 2021 Senior
Active Adult Cohousing for the Northland Duluth Forming 2027 Senior
Community Member Adams Creek Cohousing Hood River Building 2024 Multi-generational
Adawehi Wellness Village Columbus Established 1998 Multi-generational
Akron Cohousing Community formerly Benedictions Established Re-forming Not Specified
Alchemy Farm East Falmouth Established 1991 Multi-generational
Alpenglow CoHousing Ridgway Building 2022 Multi-generational
Alt Terra Commons Chino Forming 2021 Multi-generational
Altair EcoVillage Kimberton Building 2025 Senior
Amabel Pocket Neighborhood Ithaca Forming 2021 Multi-generational
Antioch Village Pioneers Yellow Springs Forming Not Specified
Community Member Arboretum Cohousing Madison Established 2008 Multi-generational
Arcadia Cohousing Chapel Hill Established 1995 Not Specified
Aria Cohousing Community Denver Established 2017 Multi-generational
Ashland Cohousing Community Ashland Established 2007 Multi-generational
ASU Minneapolis Forming 2022 Multi-generational
Auburn CoHousing,LLC Auburn Building 2025 Multi-generational
Aurora Pocket Neighborhood Ithaca Established 2013 Not Specified
Austin Senior CoHousing Austin Forming 2019 Senior
Bay State Cohousing Malden Established 2022 Multi-generational
Bedford Cohousing Bedford Forming 2019 Multi-generational
Belfast Cohousing & Ecovillage Belfast Established 2012 Multi-generational
Bellingham Cohousing Bellingham Established 2000 Multi-generational
Berkeley Cohousing Berkeley Established 1994 Not Specified
Berkshire Intentional Community Lee Forming 2023 Multi-generational
Blackinton Village Cohousing – FREE LAND North Adams Established 2018 Not Specified
Community Member Blue Columbine CoHousing WHEAT RIDGE Forming 2025 Multi-generational
Blueberry Hill Cohousing Vienna Established 2000 Multi-generational
Blueprint Geneva Downtown Geneva Forming 2017 Not Specified
Borland Green Pittsburgh Established 2011 Multi-generational
Boulder Creek Community Boulder Established 2008 Not Specified
Community Member Bozeman Cohousing Bozeman Building 2022 Multi-generational
Community Member Bristol Village Cohousing Bristol Established 2017 Multi-generational
Bull City Commons Cohousing Durham Established 2022 Multi-generational
Community Member Burlington Cohousing East Village Burlington Established 2007 Multi-generational
Community Member Burns Village & Farm Burns Forming 2025 Multi-generational
C Street Village Novato Forming 2022 Multi-generational
Cambridge Cohousing Cambridge Established 1998 Multi-generational
Camelot Cohousing Berlin Established 2007 Multi-generational
Cantine’s Island Cohousing Saugerties Established 1997 Multi-generational
Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing Seattle Established 2016 Multi-generational
Carmen Smith Cantil Forming 2024 Not Specified
Community Member Casa Verde Commons Colorado Springs Established 2002 Multi-generational
Community Member Cascadia Commons Cohousing Community Portland Established 2000 Not Specified
Catalyst Ecovillage Warwick Forming 2015 Not Specified
Community Member Cathedral Park Cohousing Portland Building 2025 Multi-generational
Catoctin Creek Village Taylorstown Established 2005 Not Specified
Cedar Cohousing LLC Minneapolis Forming 2023 Multi-generational
Cere Davis Berkeley Forming 2026 Multi-generational
Champlain Valley Cohousing Charlotte Established 2006 Multi-generational
Charlotte Cohousing Community Charlotte Forming Not Specified
Chesapeake Acres Chestertown Forming 2024 Multi-generational
Chicagoland Cohousing Chicago Forming 2028 Multi-generational
Clearwater Commons Bothell Established 2012 Multi-generational
ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham Bellingham Forming 2026 Multi-generational
Closer To Eden palmyra Forming 2021 Multi-generational
Coastal Cohousing Ventura Forming Not Specified
Cobb Hill Cohousing Hartland Established 2001 Not Specified
Community Member CoHousing Houston Houston Building 2023 Multi-generational
Cohousing of Greater Baltimore Baltimore Forming 2027 Senior
Cohousing Utah Salt Lake City Forming 2024 Multi-generational
Colorado Springs Cohousing Colorado Springs Forming 2024 Multi-generational
Columbia Ecovillage Portland Established 2009 Multi-generational
Columbus Cohousing Columbus Forming 2028 Multi-generational
Common Ground Ecovillage (formerly Hart’s Mill) Mebane Forming 2022 Multi-generational
Common Place Cooperative, Inc. Cambridge Established 1973 Not Specified
Community for Mindful Living – Cohousing Project Berkeley Established Not Specified
Cool Creek Cooperative Neighborhood Mesa Established 2018 Not Specified
Community Member Cornerstone Village Cohousing Cambridge Established 2001 Multi-generational
Cottonwood House Broomfield Established 2020 Senior
Coyote Crossing Santa Cruz Established 1998 Multi-generational
Cully Grove Portland Established 2013 Multi-generational
Dakota Prairie EcoVillage Vermillion Forming 2026 Senior
Dancing River Community LLC Reno Established 2015 Not Specified
Dave Welling San Felipe Forming 2024 Senior
Daybreak Cohousing Portland Established 2009 Multi-generational
DayStar Community Tallahassee Established 1993 Not Specified
Delaware Street Commons Lawrence Established 2010 Multi-generational
Discovery Village At Southlake Southlake Senior
Discovery Village At The West End Richmond Forming Senior
Doyle Street Cohousing Emeryville Established 1992 Multi-generational
Dragon Belly Farm Pt. Ludlow Forming 2000 Not Specified
Community Member Durham Central Park Cohousing Durham Established 2014 Multi-generational
Duwamish Cohousing Seattle Established 2000 Not Specified
East Bay Cohousing (EBCOHO) Oakland Forming 2100 Multi-generational
Community Member East Lake Commons Decatur Established 1999 Multi-generational
East Side Bluff Sulphur Building 2020 Multi-generational
Eastern Village Cohousing Silver Spring Established 2004 Multi-generational
Echo Hills Cottages Asheville Established 2012 Not Specified
Ecovillage at Ithaca Ithaca Established 1996 Multi-generational
EcoVillage Dungeness Valley Port Angeles Forming 2017 Not Specified
Ecovillage New Jersey Princeton Forming 2024 Multi-generational
EcoVillage of Loudoun County Lovettsville Forming 2001 Not Specified
Community Member Elderberry Cohousing Rougemont Established 2014 Senior
Emerson Commons Cohousing Crozet Established 2019 Multi-generational
Eno Commons Durham Established 1998 Multi-generational
Evans Oaks Cottages Silverton Established 2020 Multi-generational
Fair Oaks EcoHousing Fair Oaks Established 2020 Multi-generational
Fifth Street Commons Langley Established 2014 Multi-generational
Flagstaff Cohousing Flagstaff Established 2020 Multi-generational
Fort Mill, SC Cohousing Fort Mill, SC Forming 2029 Senior
Fresno Cohousing (a.k.a. La Querencia) Fresno Established 2008 Multi-generational
Friends and Neighbors Age-Friendly Cohousing Lakeland Forming 2024 Senior
Frog Fruit Farm EcoVillage Somerville Forming 2024 Multi-generational
Gainesville Cohousing Gainesville Established 2018 Multi-generational
Genesee Gardens Cohousing Lansing Established 2003 Multi-generational
Germantown Commons Nashville Established 2015 Multi-generational
Glacier Circle Community Association Davis Established 2006 Senior
Gorge Cohousing Hood River Forming 2020 Not Specified
Grand Rapids Area Cohousing Grand Rapids Forming 2026 Multi-generational
Great Oak Cohousing Ann Arbor Established 2003 Multi-generational
Greater Hartford Cohousing Hartford Forming 2020 Multi-generational
Greater Neighborhood @ Songaia Bothell Established 2000 Multi-generational
Greek Village Cohousing Peloponnesos Forming 2026 Multi-generational
Green Grove Cohousing Community Forest Grove Established 2018 Multi-generational
Green Island Preserve Wadena Forming 2026 Multi-generational
GreenLeaf Cohousing Willits Forming 2025 Multi-generational
Greyrock Commons Fort Collins Established 1996 Multi-generational
Community Member Hager Homestead Littleton MA Established 2024 Senior
Harmony Terrace of Tampa Bay Tampa Building 2022 Multi-generational
Harmony Village Golden Established 1996 Multi-generational
Haystack Heights Cohousing Community Spokane Established 2021 Multi-generational
Hearthstone Denver Established 2001 Multi-generational
Heartwood Cohousing Bayfield Established 2000 Multi-generational
Heartwood Cohousing – Phase 2 Bayfield Forming 2024 Multi-generational
Heartwood Commons – Tulsa Tulsa Building 2024 Senior
heather safley richmond 2024 Multi-generational
Hidden Creek Cohousing Oakland Established 2005 Not Specified
High Point Cohousing High Point Forming 2020 Not Specified
Higher Ground Cohousing Bend Established 1994 Multi-generational
Highland Place Inverness Senior
Highline Crossing Cohousing LITTLETON Established 1995 Multi-generational
Homewood Cohousing Minneapolis Forming Multi-generational
Hope Family Village Williamsburg Forming 2022 Multi-generational
Hudson Valley Cohousing Highland Forming 2027 Multi-generational
Hundredfold Farm Cohousing Community Orrtanna Established 2006 Not Specified
Indiana Cohousing Auburn Forming 2025 Not Specified
InHabitLA West Covina Forming Not Specified
Island Cohousing West Tisbury Established 1999 Multi-generational
Jackson Place Cohousing Seattle Established 2001 Multi-generational
Jamaica Plain Cohousing Boston Established 2005 Multi-generational
Jamaica Plain Cohousing Jamaica Plain (Boston) Established 2005 Multi-generational
John Stadler West Bath Forming 2024 Multi-generational
Jourdan Valley New Orleans Forming 2017 Not Specified
Kailash Ecovillage Portland Established 2007 Multi-generational
Kids Gardening in Eden/ Itopia Sheridan Established 2016 Multi-generational
Kingfisher Cohousing Oakland Established 2017 Multi-generational
Kingston Village Huntsville Established 2015 Multi-generational
Knoldheim Christiansted Building 2027 Multi-generational
Kumah South Florida! boynton beach Forming 2013 Not Specified
Lake Claire Cohousing Atlanta Established 1992 Not Specified
Laytonville Ecovillage Laytonville Forming 2004 Not Specified
Lehigh Acres Place Lehigh Acres Forming Senior
Liberty Village Libertytown Forming 1999 Not Specified
Linden Cohousing Madison Established 2019 Multi-generational
Living Tree Cohousing Moretown Established 2015 Not Specified
Living Well Community Franklinville Established 2014 Multi-generational
LOOKING FOR MEMBERS FOR AN INTENTIONAL COMMUNITY Texas Established 2013 Multi-generational
Los Angeles Eco-Village Los Angeles Established 1993 Not Specified
Lyons Valley Village Lyons Established 2007 Multi-generational
Manzanita Village Cohousing Prescott Established 2001 Multi-generational
Mariposa Grove Oakland Established 2008 Multi-generational
Marsh Commons Arcata Established 1998 Multi-generational
Marys River Cohousing Corvallis Forming 1975 Senior
Mason St. Townhomes Portland Established 2018 Multi-generational
Maxwelton Creek Cohousing Whidbey Island Established 1998 Not Specified
Mayfair village of Denver- Denver Forming 2014 Not Specified
Meadow Wood Bremerton Established 2006 Multi-generational
Metro Cohousing at Culver Way St. Louis Forming 1999 Not Specified
Milagro Cohousing Tucson Established 2002 Multi-generational
Millrace Cohousing Goshen Established 2018 Multi-generational
Milwaukee Area Cohousing Milwaukee Forming 2022 Multi-generational
Mirador Astronomy Village Dodgeville Forming 2023 Multi-generational
Mission Peak Village in Fremont Fremont Building 2026 Multi-generational
Monan’s Rill Association Santa Rosa Established 1976 Multi-generational
Monterey Cohousing Community Saint Louis Park Established 1992 Multi-generational
Morehead Senior Cohousing Morehead Forming 2027 Senior
Mosaic Commons Cohousing Berlin Established 2009 Multi-generational
Mountain View Cohousing Comunity Mountain View Established 2014 Senior
Muir Commons Davis Established 1991 Multi-generational
N Street Cohousing Davis Established 1986 Multi-generational
Nature Towns Austin Forming 2025 Multi-generational
Nevada City Co-housing Nevada City Established 2005 Multi-generational
New Brighton Cohousing Aptos Established 2007 Multi-generational
New Earth Song Cohousing LLC Bothell Forming Not Specified
New View Cohousing Acton Established 1995 Multi-generational
Newark Area Cohousing Organization Newark Forming 2026 Multi-generational
Newberry Place Cohousing Community Grand Rapids Established 2007 Multi-generational
Newt Crossing Port Townsend Forming 2025 Multi-generational
Nomad Cohousing Boulder Established 1997 Multi-generational
North Bay Cohousing Cotati Forming Not Specified
Northeast Corridor Cohousing East Windsor Forming 2030 Multi-generational
Nubanusit Neighborhood and Farm Peterborough Established 2007 Multi-generational
Nyland Cohousing Lafayette Established 1992 Multi-generational
Oak Creek Commons Paso Robles Established 2004 Multi-generational
Oak Park Commons Intergenerational Cohousing Oak Park Forming 2025 Multi-generational
Oakcreek Community Stillwater Established 2012 Senior
One Shred of Hope Clinton Forming 2021 Multi-generational
Pacifica Cohousing Carrboro Established 2006 Multi-generational
Pathways Cohousing Florence Established 2000 Multi-generational
PDX Commons Portland Established 2017 Senior
Peace Park Onalaska Forming 2021 Multi-generational
Peninsula Park Commons Portland Established 2004 Not Specified
Phoenix Commons Oakland Established 2016 Senior
Piedmont Ecovillage Richmond Forming 2017 Not Specified
Pine Street Cohousing Amherst Established Not Specified
Pinnacle Cohousing Lyme Forming 2023 Multi-generational
Pleasant Hill Cohousing Pleasant Hill Established 2001 Multi-generational
Polcum Springs Laytonville Forming 2008 Not Specified
Polestar Village Fort Collins Building 2024 Multi-generational
Port Townsend EcoVillage Port Townsend Established 2004 Not Specified
Community Member Prairie Hill Cohousing/Iowa City Cohousing Iowa City Established 2018 Multi-generational
Putney Commons Putney Established 2008 Senior
Puyallup Cohousing Puyallup Forming 2025 Multi-generational
Quimper Village Port Townsend Established 2017 Senior
Quince Cohousing Oakland Forming 2016 Not Specified
Ralston Creek Cohousing Arvada Forming 2022 Multi-generational
Rancho La Salud Village Ajijic Established 2014 Multi-generational
Ravens’ Roost Cohousing Anchorage Established 2016 Multi-generational
Regency Pointe Rainbow City Senior
ReTribe at NorthernShire Underhill Established 2018 Multi-generational
Rhonda Smith Oklahoma City Forming 2023 Multi-generational
Richmond Cohousing Richmond Established 2020 Multi-generational
Rittenhouse Village At Muhlenberg Muhlenberg Senior
River Rock Commons Fort Collins Established 1999 Not Specified
River Song Cohousing Eugene Established 2022 Multi-generational
Robin Stuart Ferndale Established 2024 Multi-generational
Rocky Corner Cohousing Bethany Building 2022 Multi-generational
Rocky Hill Cohousing Northampton Established 2005 Multi-generational
Rooted Northwest Arlington Heights Forming 2024 Multi-generational
RoseWind Cohousing Port Townsend Established 1993 Multi-generational
San Diego Urban CoHousing San Diego Forming 2023 Multi-generational
San Mateo Ecovillage San Mateo Established 1998 Not Specified
Sand River Cohousing Santa Fe Established 2009 Senior
Santa Monica CoHousing EcoVillage Santa Monica Forming 2021 Multi-generational
Santa Monica CoHousing Group Santa Monica Forming Not Specified
Santa Rosa Creek Commons Santa Rosa Established 1982 Multi-generational
Seaton Hagerstown Hagerstown Building 1999 Senior
Shadowlake Village Blacksburg Established 2002 Multi-generational
Shambhala Hawaii Kamuela Established 2019 Senior
Shaolin temple /UFC training camp New Britain Forming 2021 Multi-generational
Sharingwood Cohousing Snohomish Established 1990 Multi-generational
Shavano Park Senior Living Shavano Park Established Senior
Shea Acres West Brookfield Forming 2019 Not Specified
Shepherd Village Shepherdstown Established 2018 Senior
Silver Leaf Paonia Established 2018 Senior
Silver Sage Village Sr. Cohousing Boulder Established 2007 Senior
Siskiyou Householder Refuge Portland Forming Not Specified
Skagit Commons (aka Skagit Cohousing) Anacortes Established 2022 Multi-generational
Solterra Cohousing Durham Established 1998 Multi-generational
Sonoma County Cohousing Petaluma Forming Not Specified
Sonora Cohousing Tucson Established 2000 Not Specified
Southside Park Cohousing Sacramento Established 1993 Multi-generational
Spring Glen Chapel Hill Established 1983 Multi-generational
Spring Mill Senior Living Phoenixville 1991 Senior
Stephen Downs Lakewood Forming 2023 Multi-generational
Stone Curves Cohousing Community Tucson Established 2004 Multi-generational
Stowe Farm Community Colrain Established 2010 Multi-generational
Strawberry Fields Farm Goshen Forming 2023 Multi-generational
Sunnyside Village Marysville Building 2024 Multi-generational
Sunward Cohousing Ann Arbor Established 2000 Multi-generational
Sunward CoHousing Ann Arbor Established 1998 Multi-generational
Swan’s Market Cohousing Oakland Established 2000 Multi-generational
Takoma Village Cohousing Washington Established 2000 Multi-generational
Tamarack Knoll Community Fairbanks Established 2004 Not Specified
Tammany Commons Cohousing Bothell Forming 2022 Not Specified
TBD Ava Forming 2025 Multi-generational
Temescal Commons Oakland Established 2000 Multi-generational
Temescal Creek Cohousing Oakland Established 1999 Not Specified
Ten Stones Community Charlotte Established 1995 Multi-generational
TerraBella Cramer Mountain Cramerton Senior
TerraBella Spartanburg Spartanburg Established 1998 Senior
The Coastal Village – A Community-Based Neighbourhood Society Sechelt Forming 2025 Multi-generational
The Commons at Windekind Huntington Forming Not Specified
The Commons on the Alameda Santa Fe Established 1992 Multi-generational
The Mac House Cincinnati Established 2010 Multi-generational
The Other Realm Amherst Forming 2021 Multi-generational
The School of Life, Shanti Yoga Ashram, Center for Harmony Bethesda Established 1985 Multi-generational
Three Trails CoHousing Independence Forming 2009 Not Specified
Tierra Nueva Cohousing Oceano Established 1999 Multi-generational
TinyTogether-MHK Manhattan Forming 2023 Multi-generational
Touchstone Cohousing Ann Arbor Established 2005 Multi-generational
Treehouse Landing TBD Boulder Forming 2027 Multi-generational
Treeswing Cohousing of the San Francisco Bay Oakland Forming 2024 Multi-generational
Tres Placitas del Rio Santa Fe Established 1994 Not Specified
Trillium Creek Arcata Forming 2017 Not Specified
Trillium Hollow Cohousing Community Portland Established 1998 Multi-generational
Troy Gardens Cohousing Community Madison Established 2006 Multi-generational
Truckee River Cohousing Truckee Building 2022 Multi-generational
Twin Cities Family Cooperative – Intergenerational Cohousing Community St Paul Forming 2024 Multi-generational
Two Acre Wood Sebastopol Established 1999 Multi-generational
Two Echo Cohousing Brunswick Established 1998 Multi-generational
Upper Langley Langley Forming 2016 Multi-generational
Urban CoHousing MicroVillage (Olamina Commons) Winston Salem Forming 2023 Multi-generational
Valley Oaks Village Chico Established 1996 Multi-generational
Valley Veg Cohousing Whately Forming Not Specified
Valverde Commons Taos Established 2010 Senior
Van Village Portland Forming 2021 Multi-generational
Vanda Crossley Katy Forming 2024 Multi-generational
Vashon Island Cohousing Vashon Established 1993 Multi-generational
Village Hearth Cohousing Durham Established 2020 Senior
Village Hill Cohousing Northampton Established 2019 Multi-generational
Village: Caritatis Idaho Falls Forming 2030 Multi-generational
Walnut Commons Cohousing Santa Cruz Established 2014 Multi-generational
Wasatch Commons Salt Lake City Established 1998 Multi-generational
Washington Commons West Sacramento Building 2023 Multi-generational
Washington Village Boulder Established 2013 Multi-generational
Wayman Place Longwood Senior
Weaving Water Durham Forming 2023 Multi-generational
Westwood Cohousing Asheville Established 1998 Not Specified
White Hawk Ecovillage Danby, NY Established 2008 Multi-generational
White Pine Cohousing Community Montpelier Established 2012 Multi-generational
Wild Sage Cohousing Boulder Established 2004 Multi-generational
Windekind Commons Cohousing Huntington Established 2019 Multi-generational
Winslow Cohousing Bainbridge Island Established 1992 Multi-generational
Wolf Creek Lodge Grass Valley Established 2012 Senior
Woolsey Corner Portland Forming 2011 Not Specified
Yulupa Cohousing Santa Rosa Established 2005 Multi-generational
Yulupa Cohousing Santa Rosa Established 2005 Multi-generational
Zephyr Valley Community Cooperative Rushford Established 1994 Multi-generational