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Living in cohousing is fulfilling, joyful, rich and sustainable. Cohousing allows us to know our neighbors, enjoy more connected relationships, and collaborate with others who share our values.

These are the things that drew us to cohousing. 

Even everyday activities like eating, doing laundry, and arriving home after a long day become richer and more enjoyable when neighbors are close enough to share. Celebrations and rituals add flavor and build relationships.
Living lighter on the planet starts at home. Community means sharing more and consuming less. Collaborating on everything from green technology to recycling makes it all easier.
Many stages of life depend especially on care from others: children need security, and anyone can fall sick or injured. Cohousing makes it easy for neighbors at all stages to nurture each other. is an ever-evolving, community supported website.

If you see information that is missing or inaccurate, we welcome your suggestions.

Content on this page is curated to make the website as attractive and useful as possible. All cohousers are invited to submit articles, stories and resources which are displayed on the page appropriate for the topic.

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