Keynote: David Dworkin, President and CEO, National Housing Conference
Connection Breakouts
Session 1 (attend one, watch recordings of the rest)
– Rebecca Lane and Kathleen Hosfeld: Community Land Trusts
– Crystal Farmer: Housing Discrimination and the Search for Affordability
– CRN: Evidence Based Affordable Cohousing: Taking the Next Steps
– Grace Kim: CHUC: a unique renter model that ensures affordability in perpetuity
Break and Conversation
Session 2 (attend one, watch recordings of the rest)
– Carol Brook-Quintero: Living in an Affordable Cohousing Unit
– Alan O’Hashi: Retrofit Cohousing and the Secret Sauce
– Mac Thomson: Customization Kills
Break and Conversation
Session 3 (attend one, watch recordings of the rest)
– Ty Albright: Low Cost Housing – challenges and solutions
– Beverly Suek: Retirement Cohousing for Women “of a certain age”
– Jim Leach & Mary Kraus: Examples of Affordable Cohousing
– Adesina Cameron: Preparing Your Community for Mortgage Success
Closing and Take Aways
Open Discussions

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