Board of Directors

Dyan Wiley

Dyan is a founding member and longtime resident of Cherry Hill Cohousing (formerly Pioneer Valley) Cohousing in western Massachusetts and lives part-time in Belfast, Maine. She has advised other cohousing communities and provided training in facilitation, decision making, group process, and policy development. She has led public presentations on many aspects of cohousing and has facilitated introductory workshops on senior cohousing for interested individuals including leading Study Group 1 curriculum on aging successfully in community. She is on the board of SAGE Senior Cohousing Advocates which recently merged with CohoUS. She’s currently doing freelance grant writing after retiring from her job as associate director of foundation relations at Mount Holyoke College. Her career has spanned several other fields including marketing and communications, community outreach, arts programming, and nonprofit organizational development training and consulting. She led two workshops at the 2022 national cohousing conference (in Madison WI) focused on seniors living in cohousing.