Board of Directors

Laurie Frank

Linden Cohousing

Laurie Frank is a former school teacher who has worked in the adventure and experiential education arenas for over 40 years. She was a leader in designing the nationally recognized Stress/Challenge adventure program for Madison (Wisconsin) Metropolitan School District and wrote their curriculum, “Adventure in the Classroom,” in 1988. Ms. Frank wrote Journey Toward the Caring Classroom, an experiential approach to creating a sense of community in schools. She has also collaborated on four other books and numerous experiential curricula. Laurie’s passion is to facilitate human interaction and to create environments where everyone is empowered. Although mostly retired, she continues her work with experiential education through workshops and curriculum development. In addition to the CohoUS Board, she serves on the board of the United World College in Costa Rica. Laurie is a founding member of Linden Cohousing in Madison, WI. It has been in existence for almost two years, and she is looking forward to the tipping point where the community exists longer than the five years it took to create.