Board of Directors

Megan Shea

Megan launched her career as an affordable housing project manager in the increasingly pricey Bay Area where she has lived in a cooperative for the last 12 years. An affiliate of Katie McCamant’s 500 Communities Program, she aspires to make housing within reach in urban areas through smartly shared property purchases. Her vision is to help groups of 3-6 buyers to purchase, renovate, and expand existing properties in comfortable neighborhoods in the East Bay. By pooling resources and bundling costs, groups will build pocket neighborhoods with private living areas as well as ample shared living spaces that encourage spending time together. Megan is passionate about bringing younger people into cohousing through national initiatives like Coho Next Gen and working with local cohousing groups in formation.

On the work front, Megan serves as the Director of Programs for Net Impact, an international nonprofit organization with 400 member chapters. She creates leadership development programs around pressing social and environmental issues such as food and climate, racial equity, and economic justice. Megan lives in an established cooperative home in Berkeley, California with her partner and community.