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The Carter Farm Agrihood offers a variety of living options.
CoHousing is available in parcels 1b and 2 and Traditional Neighborhood design in parcels 1a, 3a and 3b.

There are 25 homes in parcel 1b along with a common house as indicated on the site plan. There are 42 homes in parcel 2, a common house can also be located in this parcel to allow for CoHousing. We are currently moving through the development approval process and are projecting a start of construction for parcel 1b in the summer of 2023.

The Carter Farm Community is located on a 46-acre former farm site and within a Critical Area of the Chesapeake Bay. This walkable, in-town location presents an ideal opportunity to create a new model for sustainable development on the Eastern Shore. All homes will be built to DOE Zero Energy Ready standards. see

Development plans include restoration of the 12.5-acre buffer area to improve wildlife habitat and water quality of the adjacent Corsica River that flows into the Bay. A total of 126 residential units are proposed for the site which is much less than the current zoning will allow. This reduced density preserves up to 5-acres of the site for a working farm along with a farm stand for public access to fresh food and multi-purpose areas for community events. Community HOA fees will include a CSA fee to support the farm.

Additionally, a commercial component will be marketed to service and retail providers that are food and wellness focused such as a farm to table restaurant and local products market. Public trails and view overlooks are also proposed for the site to fully integrate the site and its new residents into the surrounding community.

The Carter Farm site is within the a Critical Area of the Chesapeake Bay and located at the head of the Corsica River. The site is also an infill site located within the Town of Centreville. The Buffer Area that surrounds over half of the site contains many magnificent heirloom trees and will be accessed through a public walking trail. The proposed Carter Farm development is being undertaken as a conservation development that includes extreme measures to reduce impervious surfaces and restore habitats that will improve the current conditions of the site and the Corsica watershed.

Housing will include single family, townhome, and multi-family type units that together will total 126 new families living on the site and contributing to the local economy.

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Carter Farm Agrihood
408 Chesterfield Ave
475k and up

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Ernest Sota Rebecca Flora

  • 410-758-7460
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