FOR SALE at River Song Cohousing in Eugene, OR: Near new 3 br/2 ba Unit Available September 1

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Is a more vibrant and connected life in your future?

Purchase our near-new 3 br/2 ba home and join us in putting the finishing touches on our campus and our environmentally sustainable lifestyle.

River Song Cohousing is a caring community of people who have designed and developed a beautiful piece of property together over the last 3 years. Our construction was completed in October 2022 both on time and under budget, resulting in a gorgeous campus and a healthy fund for discretionary projects going forward.

We are an electric-only community of 28 households with modern, high-quality homes that are energy efficient and passive solar. Our neighborhood and homes are designed so you can easily enjoy privacy or community socializing when you choose.

Our lovely new campus is nestled by the Willamette River with miles of multi-use trails connecting to public parkland, fabulous cultural resources at the University of Oregon and within a short bicycle commute to vibrant downtown Eugene. Our city is known for its healthy lifestyle and is the home this July of the US Track and Field Championships for the 11th time. At River Song, living close to nature but close to city life offers rich employment and educational opportunities.

In the Common House we share meals in the great room. Groups gather for crafts, music and children’s play in dedicated rooms. Meetings and informal conversation often occur on our large patio area or around the wood fireplace in our cozy lounge.
Community activities include 3 weekly common meals and organized opportunities for walking, indoor exercise, crafts, and conversation. The mailroom, a shared laundry, and community workshop offer more opportunities for connection. Visitors are welcome to stay in our 2 guest rooms.

We have a great airport and AMTRAK station, each within a 10-minute drive, and high-speed internet.

Kids are safe, loved, and well-supported. They grow up in a caring village environment with other kids and enjoy play structures provided for them both indoors and outdoors.

You can join us in this formative time of putting the finishing touches on our campus, further building our sustainable and collaborative culture, and enjoying a thriving, new community.

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River Song Cohousing Community
172 Oakleigh Lane #111

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Sandi Goldie

  • 206-697-9701
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