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Re-opening is happening both suddenly and gradually. It is both joyful and challenging. It involves discussions and decisions, new protocols and a return to hold habits. In the midst of all that, we are proposing a day of celebration. We’re setting aside our all-day-on-zoom event on June 26 because we suspect that connecting in that way is not what most folks are up for just now. Instead, we’re inviting communities to use that day to celebrate, play, enjoy each other, and share the experience with us through photos and a short show-and-tell zoom call. Click here for all the details.

Cohousing Open

Cohousers are amazing, which is why this event is all about you: your topics, your knowledge and your creativity. Whether you are a world class expert, or a new beginner, your input helps us all make cohousing better together.
Living in cohousing teaches us that the best interactions often happen in the unplanned moments of connection that are designed into the cohousing lifestyle. This event is modeled on exactly that concept. We’ll provide plenty of structure (known as Open Space) to showcase the incredible talent and knowledge of our community.
Come learn! Come teach! Come ask, and answer and absorb all that cohousing has to 


Registration – Canceled

Check back here for Registration when it is open.

Convenient Access on Zoom

After you register, click here for the event program. Your registration confirmation will provide the required password. (If you are a member of Community Launch or Community Partnership, please enter through “Partner Resources” in the footer.)

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Your whole community can attend and watch recordings of all the events in 2021 (and get some other benefits) for one low price. Please consider our Community Launch and Community Partnership programs. If you are only interested in a single event, contact Karin Hoskin at for more information about a community coupon code.

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