The Board

“The Board” is generally so named as a legal requirement for the Home Owners Association. This group takes care of representing the community in legal and financial matters, particularly signing contracts and making payments.

Process Committee

Process teams vary a lot from one community to the next but generally oversee policy and decision-making. Their tasks may include all of the following:
– Forming committees  and reviewing committee mission statements, aims and domains
– Scheduling and facilitating general or plenary meetings
– Settling turf disputes between committees or teams
– Implementing board elections
– Organizing consensus training for new groups or new members as well as providing ongoing training for all community members

Finance Committee

This committee oversees the budget process, answers finance questions throughout the year, oversees reimbursements and payments for community expenses, and oversees collection of HOA payments. The team may include a treasurer, and may work with a management company.

Architectural Review Committee

Sometimes a legal requirement, the ARC reviews proposed changes to private property that impact the public good of the community. Examples include additions or changes to the exterior of the home, changes in paint color (especially if the new color is outside the agreed-upon pallet, changes in roof material or the addition of solar panels.

Common Meals Committee

This committee organizes the common meal schedule and coordinates volunteers.

Social Comittee

This committee plans community-sponsored social events throughout the year.

Landscape Committee

This committee oversees community work on the common landscape. This may include hiring and supervising contract work in some cases.

Common Grounds Committee

This group looks after common areas outside of the common house and is involved in the process for deciding about changes to common grounds. Examples might include adding benches or a piece of art to a common area.

Conflict Support

Conflict is part of life in community, and many groups find it useful to name a handful of folks who are skilled and willing to support those who are in conflict and want to work through it in a productive way.

Community Care

This committee coordinates community support for special needs, most commonly meals following a birth, death or illness. This can also include other support like shopping, dog walking or child care as needed.

Common House Use

This committee coordinates the use of the common house. The committee maintains a reservation calendar for private uses, oversees policies for the use of the common house and coordinates cleaning.


Some communities divide the maintenance into several groups that oversee various areas. Others send all maintenance concerns to a central group, which then coordinates getting the work done.