Community Launch Program

The Cohousing Association has supported dozens of communities to grow their membership. We have the knowledge and contact list to give your community the boost you need. To get the most of what we have to offer, we recommend our Community Launch Program – rebuilt for 2021.
Your community will receive (for the 12 months of 2021):

•FREE Community Coupon code for all SIX of our online events in 2021 (value $2,000-$10,000))

•Forming Community Classified Ad on our website (Value $780)
•eNews Classified Ad (Value $300)
•Highlighted Directory listing (only available to our Launch and Partner communities)
•Presence on the “Find It” page
•Exhibit space at What is Cohousing, January 24, 2021

•Cohousing marketing tips
•30 minute consult with cohousing  professional (Value $50-200)
•Consultation with Communications Director, Karen Gimnig, to help you make the most of and CohoUS resources to share your vision with the cohousing world.
•Whatever Karin and Karen think of next – we’re always looking for more ways to support our Launching Communities! 

Community Investment: $1,500 for 2022
What’s new for 2022?
CohoUS is continuing the Community Launch Program for 2022 very much like the 2021 program.  Same (and more) great benefits, same low price. The big difference is that for 2022 we will be coming together (in person!!!!) for a National Conference in Madison.
Benefits for 2022 will include all of the below and more as we build it:
• Discounted registration for the National Cohousing Conference in Madison, WI August 2022
• Free access to more than 2 dozen sessions from the Madison conference pre-recorded for remote access
• Free access to online events in 2022
• Access to CohoUS’ full library of recorded event sessions, sorted by event or topic. (Over 150 sessions)
• Classified Ad our website (including Find It page) and in our eNews 
• Coming in 2022 – a Policy Database
• Highlighted Directory listing (available only to our partners)
• Support for the cohousing movement, CohoUS, and the many public services we offer, including, the cohousing directory, and more 
• And a live/virtual personal connection with our Communications Director to help you make the most of your connection with CohoUS  
How do I sign up?
Fill out the form at the bottom of this page. CohoUS staff will be in touch to schedule your orientation meeting and send an invoice.  
What if we’re just getting started?
For groups just beginning to gather, we offer our very best deal on classified advertising with our Community Pre-Launch.  Email for details. 
What if I don’t have a community yet?
Join us as an Individual Partner here

CohoUS is delighted to be supporting these launching communities in 2021

Alpenglow Cohousing

Cohousing ABQ

Cohousing Houston

Heartwood Commons

Hope Family Village

Mission Peak Village

Neurodiverse CoHousing Village

Newark Area Cohousing Organization

Our Home at Cathedral Park

Rachel Carson EcoVillage

River Song Cohousing

Rooted Northwest

Skagit Cohousing

Sunnyside Village

Washington Commons

STAND IC Saratoga

If your community is listed above, there is no need for you to complete this form below.