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Atwater Beach in Shorewood

Ann Winschel

Milwaukee area
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  • Fox Point, Wisconsin
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Co-housing for the rest of us!

Something less than built from the ground up and something more than a tiny home or a studio apartment. Independent ownership of your home, governed by a supportive and co-operative community.

There are great benefits to co-housing but the price is too steep for many of us. Retrofitting is a way to get the benefits without the high price tag of most co-housing communities. In retrofitting a small group forms a community and gradually, over time, takes ownership of the all units in small condo or apartment building. Like other co-housing communities, retrofit communities are legally condominiums but with a difference - they are governed by all the members of the community in a co-operative way, not the adversarial approach of many of the condominiums in our community.

Other information:

I am an active 71 year old, retired from a career in financial services and computer technology. I owned a single family home for many years and now own a condominium.
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