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Claudia Chaves

Claudia Chaves

North Carolina
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  • Franklinville, New York
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Why I'm interested:

Since I did not find co-housing I could afford in the West Coast, I bought a lot in the Living Well Community Association in NC -- a wonderful eco-village. Recently I was offered and am in the process to buy a ready made small house there and I want to sell my 1/3 acre lot there ($45000) so I can but the house. Those seeking an affordable co-housing or ecovillage with excellent people and good community process could well be interested. Please contact me if you are.

Other information:

I have long lived in intentional communities, and then developed a psychotherapy career and am still practicing part time. I am a permaculturist and organic gardener and orchardist and I love living with positive, community minded, people with easy personalities and in rural places where I can garden a lot in community, walk in nature, enjoy a river, and watch the stars at night, but where I can have good internet access for my psychotherapy work.
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