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ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham

Multi-generational, Rural
Bellingham, 98229
  • Move in year :
  • 2026
  • Number of units :
  • Not yet known
  • Land size:
  • No land yet
  • Developed acreage :
  • Not yet known


The mission of CSV Bellingham is to form a model of a resilient and sustainable community, founded in our commitment to respond and adapt to the urgent challenges of the climate crisis and its economic impact. The model will be used to provide education to individuals, families, and entire communities about the necessary resources, essential skills, and innovative technologies that promote self-sufficiency and sustainable practices for humans, animals and plants. CSV Bellingham will have an emphasis on food, seed, and resource sharing networks.

Shared Property
  • N/A
  • N/A
Welcomes Visitors (fee may apply)
  • N/A
Decision Making
  • Sociocracy
  • N/A
Meal Participation
  • N/A
  • EcoVillage
Contact Information
  • Leonora Stewart Camner
Last modified January 11, 2024


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