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Jay Gregory

  • Location :
  • Oakland, California
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  • Anywhere

Why I'm interested:

- I know here is a better way to live together with others in a multi-generational community.
- I want to share the investment of time, effort, and money into building something beautiful, inspirational, and critical for myself, my community, and our global future.
- I relish the opportunity to participate in a sustainable community that grows its own food, generates its own power, and collects its own water.
- I understand the power of synergy and the magic of collective action around common goals!

I'm on a quest for a better way of living together in community, to live sustainably, and to prepare for climate change with a like-minded group of people! I'd like to share the investment of effort and time into collaborative projects, share resources, and participate in consensus-based decision making. I'd like to be a part of a living community who's sum is stronger than its parts. Cohousing lets goooo!!

Last modified February 9, 2024


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