Katie McCamant

CoHousing Solutions
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  • info@cohousing-solutions.com
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  • (530) 478-1970
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  • Nevada City, California
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  • Process


Katie leads CoHousing Solutions, where she brings the depth and diversity of her experience as an architect, developer, and cohousing resident to her clients. She lived in Doyle Street Cohousing in Emeryville, CA, for 12 years, and now lives in Nevada City Cohousing, both communities she founded.
“What drives me is the desire to develop neighborhood models where we can live a better ‘good life’ while reducing our impact on the earth’s limited resources. Americans currently uses 24% of the worlds’ energy while we make up only 5% of world population. If we are to ‘save the world,’ we must strive for more sustainable market-driven models that are attractive to the American middle class.”
Katie is a licensed architect and coauthor of the authoritative book on cohousing, Cohousing: A Contemporary Approach to Housing Ourselves, which introduced this housing model to North America. in 1987, Katie co-founded McCamant & Durrett Architects / The CoHousing Company with Charles Durrett, and partnered with developer, Jim Leach, on numerous projects. Since then, Katie has designed and developed dozens of cohousing communities in the United States and Canada. In 2015 she founded her development consulting firm, CoHousing Solutions, where she offers her expertise working with groups on all phases of development including: group formation, setting up project budgets and cash flow, facilitating planning approvals, construction financing, contractor selection, construction management, marketing, and community policy creation. She also works with groups to find their professional team and appropriate development partners, and then assists in structuring those partnerships.
Her newest venture is the 500 Communities Program, a yearlong training for passionate entrepreneurs who seek to devote themselves to building the next 500 cohousing communities while working collaboratively, supporting each other and making a good living.


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