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Lea Galanter

Massachusetts, preferably Western Massachusetts
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  • Kirkland, Washington
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Why I'm interested:

I'm seeking a community where I can lived independently and yet have people around me and feel like I belong somewhere (the pandemic has really isolated me). I'm a healthy senior and I don't want to live in 55+ community where you feel like you're in an "old folks home" (usually a large condo or apartment building) and are forced to eat their food (for a hefty monthly price). I'm also seeking some diversity with like-minded people.

Other information:

I currently live in the Seattle area but am moving back East (where I was raised) so I can be near family (but not too near). My family is spread out in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Vermont. I'm planning to move to the Northampton area, rent someplace to live, and continue to look for someplace to buy. After I move, I'll be updating my Seattle-area condo and then selling it, so I'll have the money to pay cash for someplace. I'm interested in a small house, townhouse, or 2-bedroom apartment, ideally somewhere in nature (that is, surrounded by trees) but near amenities like shopping, hospitals, and doctors.
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