Northern New Mexico (Santa Fe, Abiquiu, etc)
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Why I'm interested:

I'm like to live in an intentional community that includes all ages, respecting the environment and animals. An environment where each person is essential to the smooth running of the community and each person can be counted on and visa versa you can count others. An ecological group that supports one another but also respects each others privacy and sense of individuality.

Other information:

A community where there is a small private area for each home (or a dog park area in community). The common area is where the real "space" for community gathering and care of space. Community garden, perhaps chicken coop, etc. Have an interest in a community similar to those in Santa Fe where individuals have a plot of land to build a house to suit individual needs. In a scenic area north of Santa Fe but with in an easy drive (such as Abiquiu), a location that may be more economical than Santa Fe specifically. Something that is not common in CoHousing is I would prefer car parking close to each individual home. While I completely support a community vehicle to reduce carbon footprint if I have a car I also would like to keep a vehicle in a spot safe from the elements and animals and close to the living quarters as I'd easy access to the car for transport of goods, pets, etc.


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