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Margaret Gardner

Margaret Gardner

Portland, Oregon - North Portland
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  • Portland, Oregon
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Cohousing is a direction I'd like to pursue because it aligns with my values. Sharing of resources, regenerative stewardship of land and housing, collective decision-making, interdependency with autonomy all sound like great antidotes to the isolation and disconnected grind of the prevailing U.S. lifestyle. My spiritual life, creative pursuits and professional work have brought me to a place where I'm more able to contribute to vibrant community than I have been before. The collective isolation and stress of the Covid pandemic and other life experiences have highlighted for me the importance of embarking on the transition to cohousing.

Other information:

I'm in the process of touring and exploring co-housing options, and there are relatively few openings in my area. Because I own my home in North Portland where I've successfully shared space with roommates over the years, I'd be interested in exploring a kind of temporary or transitory cohousing model. Right before and during the pandemic, I was able to acellerate sustainable home improvements to expand functional space for shared living. A net-metered solar array, heat pump HVAC and water heater, improved energy efficiency and low impact materials, smart design in the home and garden spaces are all part of the move to greater sustainability. As I look at future cohousing options, I'd like to start working with what I have right here. Rather than the typical approach to renting rooms, I'd like to join with like-minded others to participate in transitional co-housing here. There are 3 bedrooms on 3 floors and a total of 2 full bathrooms in this 1920's bungalow with lovely garden space, near great bike routes and with a pretty good "walking score". Given the many examples of successful shared agreements, decision-making processes, I could envision co-creating a mini-cohousing model in with others on similar paths. I'd be interested in talking with folks who may have a similar interest in starting their transition to co-housing in North Portland.
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