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Mari Werner

Mari Werner

Los Angeles CA area outskirts
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  • Claremont, California
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Why I'm interested:

I know that humans, especially in western culture, and most especially in US capitalist consumer culture need to change how we live. We need to learn or relearn how to live with each other and how to live with the earth. I’m on the Permaculture Design Course (nearly done) and I want to put more of these brilliant ideas into practice in the real world. On a personal level…I could use more community and human connection in my life.

Other information:

I don’t have money for the big buy-ins required at a lot of the intentional communities, and I’d like to put something together with others who may be (though don’t have to be) in a similar situation. The simplest arrangement to start would be five or six people rent a large house where we can live and plant food. There are bigger more complex arrangements we could make, depending on the needs, wants, and resources of the people involved.

I have a target area along the foothill communities in the greater LA area from about Arcadia on the east, to Tujunga or beyond on the west, but I’m open to other locations. I’m divorced (years ago), retired but very active. I’m a poet and also a Balkan and international folk dancer—recreational, not performance, but it’s something I could teach and share that can be a sort of joyful togetherness activity—if people were interested. Also I meditate daily, and if there were anyone in the household who wanted to share in that practice, that would be an added bonus (though not a requirement).

I’m thinking of a consensus-type of structure with a balance of community and independence, but open to input on how it's structured. I look at this whole thing as a learn-as-we-go-along effort.
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