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Me and Nico

Matilda Iree Malcolm

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  • Manzanita, Oregon
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Why I'm interested:

I believe that community is necessary and important for everyone to have. It is not just healing to us but to mother earth as well. We strangely live in a society that lacks togetherness and helping each other. Throughout my life, and especially on my travels, whenever I am in a rut or need help I have always been connected to the kindest and most giving people. It has become more and more important to me to live in a reality where my peers and I prioritize helping and loving not just one another but the planet that we are so lucky to live on. This is what life is to me and what I believe it should be for everyone.

Other information:

Hello like-minded humans! My pup, Nico, and I are looking for a community to spend a couple of months with. We have been traveling full-time in a van for about 10 months. Forest bathing, learning about the plants and animals that surround us, and growing our love for mother nature every day. I have been lucky enough to have had many jobs that gave me the skills to help out on the property. Painting houses and contracting with my Dad growing up, orchard work at a family-owned property in Richfield, OR. Campground maintenance in Joshua Tree, and much more I would love to visit with you all about. I also have a deep love for music, I sing and play a few instruments :) you can't go wrong with some songs at the end of the day. I've recently gotten into painting murals along my travels as well. Combining my house painting skills and love for creating art has opened so many opportunities. Nico is a 1-year-old Alaskan Malamute that I rescued from Southern California a couple of months ago. He is the most loving, playful, stubborn pup. He loves people, other puppies, and his Mama (me). I am looking forward to talking with you all more and hopefully, we can meet soon.
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