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Sasha Michelle Laumeister

Sasha Michelle Laumeister

Portland, Oregon (open to North US New England and Pacific Northwest)
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  • Portland, Oregon
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I'm looking for one or two conscientious, mature, unique souls to rent a house together - preferably in NE Portland yet open. I have been living solo and am moving this Fall. I feel living with others in harmony and community is healthy and what I wish for at this point. This is not about economics or need, it's about genuinely seeking one to two likeminded people to share a home in spirit of family and togetherness.

Who am I looking for? I am from New York City, vegan, Buddhist and a practicing Stoic (philosophy) in my late 40's. After living far from family and friends, community etc. I am longing for home so thought I'd create a home with others for the time being. Ideally folks from any of the three vegan, Buddhist, Stoic values are what I am looking for.
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