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Shaolin temple /UFC training camp

Multi-generational, Rural
New Britain CT
New Britain, 06053
  • Move in year :
  • 2021
  • Number of units :
  • Not yet known
  • Land size:
  • No land yet
  • Developed acreage :
  • Not yet known


I vision a group home or homes where we live together and practice martial arts. We all take turns cooking and cleaning the rent or mortgage is split between everyone living here. In the beginning we can turn the living room or the basement into a dojo and or gym.. Everyone can take turns teaching and learning or we can hire professional teachers. I want this to happen in Connecticut because that is where I live but, I am open to other states as well. Contact me let’s talk

Shared Property
  • Common House
  • Farm
  • Swimming Pool
  • N/A
Welcomes Visitors (fee may apply)
  • Common Meals
  • Guest Rooms
  • Scheduled Tours
  • Individual Tours
  • Meetings
  • Work Days
Decision Making
  • Modified Consensus
  • N/A
Meal Participation
  • Everyone participates
  • EcoVillage
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