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Shea Acres

Shea Acres

Shea Road
West Brookfield, 01585
  • Move in year :
  • 2019
  • Number of units :
  • Not yet known
  • Land size:
  • 11-20 acres
  • Developed acreage :
  • N/A


The land of Shea Acres, of West Brookfield, MA was acquired 5 years ago in 2014 by my father, a civil engineer in Grafton, MA. He invited us up to the land to check it out and we fell in love and immediately imagined a co-housing community living on it. We inspired my father to consider it as a possibility, and so he divided up the land accordingly. After our initial visit to Shea Acres five years ago, our life path suddenly changed and our family moved to Asheville, NC for 5 amazing years. We are ready to return to be with our entire family and friends. We are looking for other like-minded families who are ready to create a community within the beautiful, quaint established town of West Brookfield. There are three 2-acre buildable lots and three 1-acre buildable lots ready to build houses on. Plus, there is a shared 9 acres of land between the 2 sets of three houses. 4 of the 9 shared acres are open land and the rest wooded. The land is set up on a hill and has really lovely views. There are so many possibilities for the land. There is a water source in the spring that could be dug out for different purposes. Certainly plenty of space for a garden, chickens, maybe a large field for the children to run and play, maybe a horse, possibly a pool would be fun! Skies the limit and we all get to create it together! With all 6 families having their own private homes among the many acres of land, it would allow each unique family time together. As well it would allow opportunity to come together as a community, for instance, taking turns each week hosting a community potluck and discussing our hopes and dreams for our shared land. We are a family of progressive, non-traditional thinkers and that shows up in our lives in many ways. As an example, we home-birthed our children and radically unschool them. We don’t feel limited to unschoolers, in fact, we welcome any schooling situations. We do however, feel it’s important to have similar values when it comes to raising our children, autonomy is at the forefront. We believe children have rights. Our children are ages 9 and 6 and love to play with other children. They are easy to get along with, as are we! 🙂 We hope to find other families who want to support each other in raising our children together. In our current society we are all so busy, wouldn’t it be lovely if we could help each other to raise our children as a tribe. We love all children and are kind and caring people. We believe it’s important to be honest and communicative. If this is you, and you’ve desired living in community, been hopeful for your children to run and play freely in plenty of open land, and want to share efforts in all things family related, please give us a call! We have ideas. We have the land. We are ready! We just need our tribe! We hope it’s you!

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