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Ted Rau

Ted Rau

Sociocracy For All
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I'm a member of Pioneer Cohousing in Massachusetts, and I've lived here since 2012. My cohousing community uses sociocracy, and I teach and coach around sociocracy. My main topic in the cohousing world is teaching meeting facilitation.
If you want to hear me speak and get an overview of sociocracy, see this recording:
I have 5 children living at home. I am transgender and sensitive to gender dynamics.
Sociocracy For All is a global nonprofit. We're committed to supporting organizations on the ground to self-govern themselves well so all voices can be heard. Sociocracy (aka Dynamic Governance) is a governance system - a way to make decisions, create clarity who does what and how we operate. The advantage of sociocracy is that it empowers groups and individuals, creates transparency, trust, connection and a deep sense of shared purpose. Sociocracy For All offers training, coaching and consulting in Sociocracy. Lots of cohousing experience and many dozens of forming and established groups trained. We train in person and in online courses; we also offer video-led study group curriculums for groups to learn together.
More info on training:
More info on sociocracy in cohousing:

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